Season 6 Episode 8 Segment 2
Sicamous Summer Stomp Part 2

Some amazing vendors were at the Sicamous Summer Stomp 2018.  One of the was Ken Patterson of Artist Bench Guitars.  He had a very unique booth with hand made cigar box guitars.
Each guitar is made with exotic wood and three strings.  Each has its on unique style and all are electric.  Some even have adjustable bridges and you can adjust the string height.

Ken is also a motorcycle air brush artist and has been for over 30 years.  He enjoyed the crossover to guitars and finds it a great artistic outlet.

He says they are a blast to play!!

Wade Stewart is an executive committee member, a co-coordinator and has also been the M.C. at the Sicamous Summer Stomp for a number of years.  He says its a curse and an honor to do so every year.  After all the moaning and bitching is done, we love it and its a blast every year.

One of the favorite bands this year is Darby Mills of the Darby Mills Project.  Wade has known her for over 42 years and she is also his Aunt.  Darby Mills is the scream queen of Canada!!  This is her second year at the Sicamous Summer Stomp.

Everything from the pit crew to the volunteers to the sponsors make up the Sicamous Summer Stomp.  They are the absolute heart of the event.  After having 7 committee members they are only down to two but the help from the volunteers that stepped up made everything come together.

Large and small vendors such as After Dark Distillery, Konquer Motorcycles, Harley Davidson, Rico RSK Apparel and Sweet Legs by Taylor, just to name a few, make everything happen.  There were some very unique and beautiful booths this year.  They always make for a phenomenal weekend.

The volunteers may not be able to rest until all is torn down and put away.  After the weekend they spend hours cleaning up every single cigarette butt and piece of garbage.  Sicamous has been very welcoming and we respect that.  RCMP were also amazing assisting with road closures and safety.

Remember to be safe.  There are shuttles to and from town and free camping.
Do Not drink and drive.

If you are blessed enough to live where you can be riding today, please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty

Editor & Rider

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