Helmets, they are a controversial piece of riding equipment.

In provinces like BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario, many riders are feeling frustrated that they are forced to wear a helmet but those in the Sikh community can ride wearing only a turban. (By many accounts the turban is NOT a mandatory piece of “religious” gear, which fuels the frustration even more.)

Whether you ascribe to wearing a helmet or not, you are required by law to wear one if you are not a Sikh.

I personally have challenges with many helmets that come from the injuries to my neck and low back from a bad car crash.
In the past I had a prescription that was acknowledged by the RCMP to allow me to wear a beanie, it was written by my chiropractor and my medical doctor. The weight of most helmets is too great for my neck to handle when you combine the wind and the weight.

Some helmets are like a sail the way they catch the wind. Full face helmets, no matter how well built make me feel claustrophobic. I can’t breath and I start to panic. The full face helmets with the modular jaw are better, however, I find raising and lowering the helmets jaw distracting. Part of the problem for me when it comes to either style of full face, I drink a lot of water while I am riding, and it’s a pain in the arse drinking with one of those helmets on.

The older I get, the more I think about the vulnerability of riding and I realise that a beanie or half helmet doesn’t protect a person’s face, although that is what I have worn for years. In the past I have basically had to trade off safety for comfort. Lightweight helmets didn’t really exist when I started riding unless it was a beanie and we all know that a beanie only protects against too much sun on the head, and small road debris. The likelihood that a beanie will protect your brain is all but non-existent.

My needs in a helmet?

I want a helmet that is lightweight and aerodynamic.
The road noise needs to be minimal.
It needs good ventilation, and an easy to cinch up chin strap.

Enter the Voss 303 Helmet.

I think I have finally found a helmet I can call my favourite.

The Voss 303 in a size small fits me perfectly. It’s a ¾ helmet and I really, really like it.

It’s comfortable, the visors are substantial and don’t flop around or vibrate.
A pet peeve I have had about many helmets is that to wear my riding glasses, which are prescription, means that I end up with a massive headache as they put too much pressure on the arm of the glasses, just above the ear. Not this helmet, I can wear my glasses comfortably and that increases my safety!
The helmet doesn’t end up riding on the top of my glasses either.

Although the helmet is beefy looking it’s lightweight and aerodynamic, and the air vents on the top of the helmet makes riding on a really hot day much more comfortable.

This helmet is reasonably quiet.
Yes there is still some road and wind noise, but compared to some of the full faces I have tried, that is minimal in this helmet.
Of course I have worn a beanie or half helmet most of my riding career, so anything that is quieter than that is a bonus!
With this helmet I don’t need to wear earplugs. I like that as I find earplugs irritating.

The quick attach and release strap on the helmet is awesome, it makes securing the helmet so much easier than the old “D” ring!!
I have been enjoying the experience of wearing this helmet and look to may more miles wearing it.

Voss has helmets in all shapes and configurations you can imagine! Check them out for all of your helmet needs.

I want to talk about a helmet accessory that anyone with a full face or three quarter helmet may want to look at, especially if you are a commuter.

It’s called the EZ Go Strap.

This strap turns your helmet into a carrying bag, hip purse or at the very least get it out of your hands.
I’m not a commuter, and I don’t generally find myself needing to pack my helmet anywhere, however, if you were a commuter with a briefcase or books etc that need to be taken to work, this strap instantly frees up your hands.

Youtube Video

I like mine and I think you’d like one if you tried it! Check them out.

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