I have been watching with much interest the answers to our latest polls over on

The helmet law poll is pretty evenly matched - a 50 50 split on supporting helmet laws.

The one that has me scratching my head is the Loud Pipes Save Lives but do they come with responsibility.

I am not sure why it should surprise me that there are those who believe that being noisy is a right that they are entitled to.

Having respect for the elderly, the sick and those who work shift work to me should just come naturally, but I see that for some it does not.

The unfortunate consequence of that kind of thinking is that the rest of us - the 96%of us who think Loud Pipes come with responsibility are the ones who get penalized when those who do not understand the concept of respect exercise what they feel is their right.

A previous poll we did asked what we do when we see a fellow rider doing something that brings disrespect on our community - 96% said - NOTHING - Shake my head - think what a jerk - but do NOTHING.

I know that trying to educate some people could mean risking one's life - some people are hot heads and do not take guidance well. I also know that some how we need to get the message out there that being a show off is not only unnecessary but detrimental to the riding way of life.

Right now a number of communities in the USA are attempting to shut motorcycle rallies down citing noise as their number one pet peeve.
Yes there other reasons but noise is a huge factor.

So how do we educate the young, the thoughtless and the obnoxious?
How do we protect our way of life?

It's an age old question that I do not have the answer for, but I think as a community we need to find one - because with the explosion of growth in our community - with the increase in fatalities - we are going to see more and more legislation clamping down us.

Rider's have always policed themselves, but if we don't do something soon that ability might become greatly diminished as the police services enforce what our government deems best....

Please stay safe out there.

Belt Drive Betty

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