Well, yesterday morning we woke to snow here in GP...yuck!

A reminder to all, bike shops and painters/airbrushers really appreciate having their work load spread out. Jamming them up in March only puts strain on everyone. Book your appointments NOW!

Belt Drive Betty's Little Black book has just shy of 800 entries it it!

Everything I have for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Yukon & NWT is now in the phone book. I start on BC today and once the west is done I start on the east.

Our events calendars are coming along, if you know of an event, a group meeting that isn't listed - add them - you have the power!

Anyway, that slave driver I work for tells me it's time to go back to more data entry so....
Have a Great Thanks Giving everyone - and take time to remember the things you ARE thankful for, like family, friends and bikes.

Love you all - stay safe out there.

BD Betty

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