Hope your Turkey Day was a good one.

This has been a rough week on some levels.

Through a whole series of Murphy's Laws striking I went from 5 people helping me to no one helping me - all in one day.

2 Days later I had 2 people volunteer to help out, so I guess we'll just see how it goes.

I have been working at transferring more event information into the new 2008 calendars and so far so good. As I'm going I am trying to contact the event coordinators and the various riding clubs to get updates on their events and group information.

If you know of an event that we haven't yet got on the calendar - please by all means enter it.

We want everyone to have the tools they need for making 2008 a great riding season.
Some of us have shorter ones than others do and we like to cram as much in as possible, so please HELP ME OUT HERE!

I have the better part of 800 businesses or 1/5th of my data in the on line phone book.
If anyone doubted my sincerity about becoming the Biker/Rider's version of a Chamber of Commerce I hope that the work that is getting done shows you how serious I am.

We need advertisers for the print version of the book....
If anyone can help out with selling phone book advertising please get in touch with me - this going it alone is kinda rough...

We also need more advertisers for the newspaper and web sites - I am so busy doing data entry I have no time for sales work it seems.

Anyone willing to step up - we do pay so please contact me.

Thanks everyone and stay safe out there....

BD Betty

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