If you haven't taken Belt Drive Betty's Little Black Book for a test run - you should check it out!
We now have over 850 businesses which means I am pushing the 25% mark for data entry!
It's coming - BC is almost half finished then I'll start on Atlantic Canada and work my way to the monsters - Quebec & Ontario!

This book is going to be one great tool for we riders!

The other thing that is a wonderful tool - the new calendars!
They are wonderful - it's easy for anyone to add an event be it for a group or a business.
You just click on the plus sign for the date of your event and away you go - the best is that I get notified before it's posted so we can ensure that every bit of information is given to the rider that we can - it also helps out the person who is adding the event because the repeating dates can be a bit confusing to enter.

As you can see, every province has it's own calendar and we have a large number of events transferred from our old calendar system to this new one already!
Check them out and if you don't see your groups meeting and ride/coffee(beer) nights or a local competition event or toy run in the calendar - add it!

Have a great weekend everyone and be safe out there....
BD Betty

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