Made it to my friend Barry's place (he's a rider reporter for the Busted Knuckle) here in Blackfalds.

We are getting ready to go shopping for some toys for the Central Alberta Toy Run parade today.

I'll be out covering the events this afternoon at Teepee Village and then getting up bright and early to be in Whitecourt at the IGA for about 11:30 am on Sunday - I hope a few of you join us to help out the kids in our communities.

Fall is in the air and on the radio waves! All of the back to school commercials know what that means right....another month, month and a half at most and we northern riders will be putting our babies to bed for the win...I am not saying that word yet.

Enjoy it while you can people - that's all I am going to say.

Ride safe everyone and have a wonderful weekend - no matter where you may be riding - ride like they are out to get you!

Belt Drive Betty

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