Today I am on my way to Jasper. The Chamber of Commerce, the Hotel Association and Jasper Motorcycle Tours are hosting a Poker Rally of incredible proportions and they have asked me to assist them.

So hubby is a bit worried because of the weather yesterday and asks me to check the weather channel. I really wished I hadn't! While the forecast for today and tomorrow looks good, snow and more snow is forecast until April 9th - this is turning in to the winter from HE Double Hockey Sticks! WHEN is is going to end already!

I had to laugh at Berge Baronian's comment on yesterday's blog post. I laughed so hard my daughter thought I was having a breakdown!

The submissions we are getting for the Slack Alice's Show 'n' Shine 2009 Fatboy Ticket Contest are amazing! We got one from WyzWmn that really tugs the old heart strings I'll tell yah. If you have a minute pop over to the Contest Page over on all of the entries deserve a read!

While I am not talented enough to put it on the contest page - we have to wait for Ali to be ready to come back to work - we got a great entry for the McCool's Street Bar & Grill Contest!
Ray Sproull sent in this entry - being Scot's myself I am pretty partial to this one!
The boss over at McCool's is going to have a hard time choosing his new log me thinks!!!!

Any way, I have to get some book keeping done before I head out to Jasper, not to mention packing, getting fuel etc so off I go.

If you are lucky enough to live where you can ride - PLEASE ride like they are blind and can't see you. Having you around to share with, laugh, disagree and love is important to me.
You are important to our community - remember that!

For the rest of you who are in my boat...stay safe and warm and DON'T put that shovel away just yet!

Belt Drive Betty

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