Where I live, Grande Prairie AB, it's going to be a while before I can take my motorcycle for a spin. We woke up this morning to about another 3 inches of the fluffy white crap!

I have PMS so bad it's killing me! And for those not familiar with that term as it applies to motorcycles I do mean Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.

My scoot sits about 6 feet away from me in my office. I swear she talks to me. I have lots of windows and doors in the office and the other day I fired the old girl up for about 5 minutes. The sound, the feel, the smell...ah - it was good for a moment but it actually made the PMS harder to deal with.

Another thing making the PMS hard to deal with is all of my "Friends" and colleagues who live in warmer climates telling me all about how they are going for a ride. Can you say GREEN with envy?

Right now we have a contest running on where you could win a ticket on a 2009 Fatboy that is being drawn for at Slack Alice's Show 'n' Shine in Penticton in May.

"What is is about riding your motorcycle that Moves your Soul"

We'd love to hear from you, the submissions so far have all resonated with my soul really well!

Check out our contests page, we have three running and they all have great prizes up for grabs!

Have a great day, if you live in the north Peace regions of Alberta and BC, try to stay warm, for the rest of you who are riding, PLEASE - ride like they can't see you, because they can't!

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. WELL BETTY, WHEN I FIRST STARTED READING YOUR POST...I got a little disturbed as I was thinking who the hell wants to know about her monthly date again...through no fault of her own,but then again, I kept an open mind, and here came the second sentence, which had me crawled over in pain from laughing, that my household thought I was having a heart attack and nearly called the medics, only to remember half way through dialing, that there is a six months wait on ambulance emergency calls.....
    Here is the famous sentence or words that made me reconsider:
    "PMS Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.
    We all feel for you Sis..for that iron horse...not delicate scoot...wants some real ass on the saddle...
    Enjoyed your post..hope the snow will melt soon... take care Sista.