Every time I come home after a trip I feel grateful, but this time, I feel even more grateful! I am so fortunate, lucky and blessed and I KNOW IT!

Illona's life celebration was beautiful, poignant and as classy as the lady herself.

After the celebration, I dropped my mom off and stopped to visit a good friend in St Albert. I was deeply glad I had as my friend has been going through a rough patch and we have not had the opportunity to see each other or even speak to each other a whole ton in a while. After being at Illona's funeral the need to reconnect with friends was sooo strong. The visit was everything I needed and I think it was for my friend too.

I got home finally and unloaded my car, got caught up on phone calls and emails. One of the phone calls I returned was from the gal who will be my new admin assistant. Lori is leaving us for the summer to spend time with the love of her life and I really needed to find some one. I had put it out to the universe that I needed someone to take care of things and Kathy Floyd answered the call!

She starts her training today and I am so deeply, humbly grateful to the universe for bringing her to me!

After I got "caught up"(a term I use loosely) my wonderful husband came home from work and we spent some time catching up.

It's amazing how good hugs from the one you love feel - especially when you've been without them for a while.

While I was gone, the new paint protection for my saddlebags and tank was installed on my bike by ShadeAll here in GP - this 3M stuff is phenomenal for protecting your paint! My new rear tire is being installed on the rim - Northgate Honda is taking care of that for me, which means my motorcycle will be 100% ready for the road today!

How many of you are ready for the road? While at my friend's house in St Albert, I was deeply touched to find out that they attributed my diatribes on getting your bike into your favorite shop or dealership early to get your machines ready with the fact that both of their motorcycles are ready to hit the streets if ever spring and riding season decides to arrive!

Getting in to your shop early does two things. It keeps the shop busy which means the doors stay open AND, it means you are ready to ride the minute Mother Nature decides to quit her hissy fits!

If you are riding, PLEASE remember, the roads are in less than perfect condition, there are many dangers out there, so ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you and ride defensively - you are important and special - NEVER forget that.

Belt Drive Betty

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