I haven't been to Saskatoon in years and other than the fact that the roads are even worse than I remember I am having a really wonderful time.

I am staying with one of our advertisers, Ani from BlackJack Classic and Vintage Hawgs.
The hospitality of people in the Canadian Heartland hasn't changed. Open, warmhearted...yup, just as I remember.

Saskatchewan only has about 7,500 riders in the province, that said, the show is a decent size and has a fair amount to offer the rider.

The boys from the SIR are here and I finally got to meet some of the gals from the Women in the Wind - the Bridge City Thunder Chapter - what a great bunch of women!

The local HOG chapter is also on hand and they have the coolest display in the place!

I got a chance to see Peter from Thunder City in Regina as they are here with all of the offerings of their shop.

Boutique of Leathers and Grizzly Leather are also here with their latest offerings.
Dean & Sylvia from Raw Power in Regina are also here. As I said - I love the shows, every one is like "Old Home Week"!

Ink alley is a busy and popular spot - every tattoo shop I saw was busy with guns a buzzing.

As I said, I am enjoying myself. It's great to get out of your own town and see what others do!

I'm heading for the shower and getting ready for day two...
Until tomorrow, ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you - stay safe.

Belt Drive Betty

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