Ali has installed a new video sharing component on our web site at
Is it ever slick! It is so easy to add videos from your own play lists or from your own video channel. I haven't yet tried to upload a video from my computer. I will as soon as I have one to try though!

I added about 70 video links this morning - took 2 hours and that included going through play lists!

I sure like it.

Our "My Community" area is experiencing a few hiccups. Ali has a message into the component developer to get it fixed so check back later today!

The site is finally getting to be what we wanted it to be back in January. Moving servers made all the difference and now things are just rocking!

The news feeds have me so depressed today I don't even want to discuss them.

The accidents again today are just appalling.
Please people - don't ride above your ability and ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you!

Have a great day!
Belt Drive Betty
National VP - AIM Can

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