Alberta rider was killed when he collided with a semi at an intersection in Fort McMurray on Friday evening. He was heading south and the semi was heading east.

In Ontario a male rider suffered serious injury after a head on collision with pick up driven by a 90 year old man.

My heart goes out to the families involved. My heart always gets heavy when I hear news like this.

Randy Young from the Friends of Veterans is a relieved man! The video footage of war veteran stories that had been stolen in Regina was returned! His equipment was not returned but his videos were! So the thieves do have a conscience!
Now - Danni Stockley posted an interesting note on my Facebook page about the equipment that was stolen. How is Randy, who is doing this on a shoe string going to replace his equipment? What can we do to help?...

HawgZotic had donated a frame to our auction to support our web site and newspaper.
I need the income but Randy's need for equipment to finish what he set out to do is just as important if not more important.

I have updated the information on that auction page and we will donate 50% of whatever we can raise to Randy for new video gear.
Our veteran's stories must be preserved for future generations.

In other news Paul Teutul Sr. gets very philosophical with a Nova Scotia reporter on the feud between him and his sons Mikey and Paul JR. He was interviewed in advance of what was supposed to be an appearance at the Wharf Rat Rally, but that appearance was cancelled. No formal reason is listed anywhere as to why the OCC were pulled from the event, but from what I hear on the ground - their price tag was astronomical and 4,000 advanced tickets needed to be sold to pay the fee, if that is true, I see why it was canceled.

I want to make it clear that I like the factory production customs OCC is putting out these days. The quality is far superior to what I have witnessed in the past and the bikes get good reviews from those who have ridden them. But I am not a fan of their show or the Teutul's. Never have been. Where TV executives and producers think that the temper tantrums and dysfunctional crap the Teutul's exhibit is "good TV" I am unsure. I guess it boils down to personal taste.

I have also heard that the fees to have them appear at a show are exorbitant. Too many of these celebrities have out priced and over valued themselves. No one can truly afford their fees. And that's my humble opinion on that subject!

Well, it's time to go back to editing and laying out the upcoming edition of the Busted Knuckle. I had a few challenges last week and want to avoid a repeat.

I messed up and forgot to change the Boutique of Leathers ad and when doing the invoicing for our spnsors ads we messed up on the billing of a few. We only printed three times in August, not 4 and a few were wrongly billed. So now I also need to go through all of the invoicing and adjust the ones that are wrong! Somedays you are the windshield....

Anyway, if you are lucky enough to be riding, please stay hydrated, ensure your machine is in good repair, ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you and PLEASE, use respect with that right hand!

Belt Drive Betty

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