Are you a lover of Orange County Choppers?

If you are I'd love to know why. I personally quit watching the show ages ago.
I found the "Banter" between father and son too screwed up and dysfunctional for my taste.

I also wonder at times how their motorcycles are selling here in Canada.
They are nice machines and young Jason Pohl is a talented designer. However it appears that OCC doesn't feel they need to advertise or brand their dealers as OCC dealers - I have to wonder - is celebrity enough of a draw to make their bikes sell? Why am I showing so much interest in OCC today? Well they are the topic of two press releases today - both involving their new electric chopper.
(I included the link to one article, the other should be right after - IF you have any interest)

We are coming up on Rememberance Day and it appears that motorcycle manufacturers like Victory are doing their part to honor our soldiers. Victory is offering $1000 discount to military personel.

What are your plans for Rememberance Day?

I am pretty old fashioned. I will go to the outdoor service at the cenotaph regardless of the weather or temperatures. An hour in the cold as my father used to say - is nothing compared to the hardship our men and women in service deal with everyday on the job. After the cenotaph, I will go to the ANAVETS Club, have some soup and a sandwich, talk with some veterans and come home feeling solemn. It's been that way for somewhere around 45 years for me.

One other thing I like to do to honor the troops is to adopt a soldier. I send a parcel filled with goodies that a soldier can share with his/her batallion ... I don't have much, but they have even less when they are on a tour of duty.  Check out the Stocking for a Soldier Program

If you are lucky enough to live where you can ride - please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP-A.I.M.Can

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