Of course, the Hells Angels in Quebec made the news today - apparently three members are caught up in this construction scandal.

Detective John McNeilly was honored as Edmonton's Top why!

BCCOM is having a rather important meeting on Novemeber 25th - if you ride in BC, you might actually want to attend this meeting, ecspecially if you are in the Lower Mainland.

Do you rely heavily on your internet? I know I do and I have to tell you that I am fed up with the extremely poor customer service offered to me as a customer by Telus. In fact I am not overly pleased with my Bell cell phone experience either.

If you have had really awful customer service from this company or any other wireless/internet/telephone company in Canada - I'd love to hear about it. Perhaps if we presented them with enough bad stories - they'd start training their staff better. At the very least, perhaps we'd have something we could present to the CTRC and see if we can't get more Internet, Mobile and TV/Satellite providers made available in this country.
Competition is what we really need in my humble opinion.

I am tired of High Prices for bad service and customer service and my experiences with my Bell cell phone have been equally as awful as my land line and other services from Telus. It's like there is an epidemic in the wireless/tele-communications services community and it's called BAD Customer Service.

If you have had good experiences, I'd love to hear them as well.
But in order to affect any change we need to show them what's wrong....

If you are riding today, PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you.

Belt Drive Betty

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