In life there are many ways to get an education.

You can go to school, university, college or trechnical/trade school or you can get the education hands on, through mentoring and through books or any combination there of.

I have a few people who have been mentoring me and I want to thank them deeply and publicly. Berge Baronian from GTC in Delta BC, Kim Dembinski from Sagewood Communications in Leduc AB, Kim Webber in Sexsmith AB and a man named Doug Pearsall from Stinson Equipment in Montreal.

From Berge I am learning patience and business analysis, from Kristina, how to get my message out more effectively, from Doug - Time Management and from Kim Webber - Goal setting and priority planning/mapping.

I have been reading and listening to audio books, taking to heart the lessons I am learning and guess what, you really can work smarter not harder! I find myself accomplishing more and more every day, getting all of the little loose ends taken care of. I still have a ways to go to be as organized and efficient as I would like to be and I am learning to do that one day, one hour at a time. I am finding the whole process fascinating and invigorating!

I am learning that at 6 pm, my office door gets closed and I commute to the kitchen or living room. Putting boundaries in place on myself when it comes to my business - that's a whole new concept for me!

Anyway - I guess the whole point of this particular post - you are never to old to learn, learning can come in a variety of ways - embrace it and enjoy it - it's amazing what we can learn when we remove our mental barriers.

In the news today...not much.

A Welland Ontario Rider, 19 year old Flat Track Racer, Mike Labelle, was picked up by a US team - Weirbach Racing of Ottumwa, Iowa.

Two Scandinavian adventurers from the Oslo, Norway region are passing through Ontario.
Their stop is part of a 70,000 Kilometer journey around the world - no charity, no fan fare, no ego, just two friends going on a road trip of a lifetime. 

If you are a lucky dog who lives where you can ride, then please keep that streak of luck going by riding like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you!
For the rest of you, stay warm, go polish or wrench on the old girl - the riding season is only 3 months away give or take!

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M.Can

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