Oklahoma-based Ridley introduced the fully automatic "Auto-Glide" in 2003 and Harley-Davidson filed a lawsuit that same year.All eight of Ridley’s 2009 models have Auto-Glide in their names. As part of the settlement agreement, Ridley has agreed to discontinue use of the name in any future models. The full terms of the settlement have not been disclosed as part of the agreement.

Some entries to our Customer Service Contest have been a tad harsh, almost leaning towards bashing so we are asking people to temper things and think of the potential of lawsuits before you submit your story...We want you to share your stories, your situation but you still need to exercise some discretion folks. Name calling etc. isn't going to offer anyone anything constructive. Here is the new disclaimer for the contest...

Our Worst/Best Customer Service story contest is not intended to be a mechanism to bash businesses or call people names, rather, it should be treated as an opportunity to educate both business and customer. Submissions may be edited if the editor of this website feels the wording is too harsh, however we will respect the fact that these are your personal experiences.  We also recognize the fact the one bad experience does not make a bad shop/business. The opinions expressed in the contest articles are personal opinions and experiences of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or values of Belt Drive Betty Media, The Busted Knuckle Chronicles, or any of our affiliates or partners.

As I said, we want to encourage you to share but you also have to think about libel etc...

In other news: The Ottawa Motorcycle Show and the Calgary Motorcycle Show are both next weekend. I have a booth at the Calgary show that I could use two more volunteers for and a booth at the Edmonton show where I could use another 6 - 8 volunteers...
It is so hard being a one person operation on the promotional end of things - I would LOVE to go to Ottawa, and all of the other shows, however, I am but one...

In Nova Scotia a Bailey Bridge's poor maintenance has been blamed for putting a motorcyclist in a wheel chair.

OCC stays in the news...Besides the lawsuit against his son, Paul Sr seems to be ensuring he gets press every which way he can...The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation announced today that Paul Teutul Sr. and the crew from Orange County Choppers (OCC) have built a custom wheelchair-accessible motorcycle specifically to raise funds for the Reeve Foundation. A first of its kind, this trike bike allows someone living with paraplegia the opportunity to ride a motorcycle without having to transfer from their wheelchair.

Well folks, I gotta get other work done, I hope you have a fabulous day...Hubby and I are going out for the evening, part of the President's Choice Tourism Award I won was a free night in a Jacuzzi room at the Stanford Inn here in Grande Prairie - I feel a partner review coming on! So, if you don't get your news until noon - so be it - I am taking tomorrow morning off!

If you are blessed and fortunate enough to live where you can ride, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you. If you are like me - well, go to a bike show!

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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