How many of you who read my blog are not only lovers of the motorcycle but small business people? I would venture to say that since most motorcyclists tend to be A type personalities - there are a fair number of small business owners around here...

I would like to know what your LEAST favorite hat to wear as a small business owner is.Personally, I don't mind washing the toilet, making coffee, doing the books (not my favorite task by a long shot), laying out the paper, working on the event calendars and everything else that comes with what I have learned to do here, I quite thrive on it. 

But there is one job, one hat, that no matter how hard I try, no matter how bad things get - I just can't seem to master the art of - and that's being the bill collector. 
I HATE THAT JOB and I really suck at it too.

I hate being lied to by the people I do business with. I take all of that stuff way too personally. I detest how when they can't pay their bill they will tell you something, anything to get off the phone with you. I resent those that you KNOW are dodging you. They insult and demean a person. When I can't meet an obligation, I simply say so. there is no point hiding it. There is no point trying to run away from the facts. Leading someone to think they have money coming in to pay the gas bill when they really don't...not fair or right.
I have made a New Year's resolution.
I am NOT going to be the bill collector anymore.
From now on I make the first couple of calls, after that - Priority Credit or some such collection company can earn the 30% commission they charge for collecting, they can listen to the lies, the abuse, the threats - I don't want to hear it anymore. 

I want to love my job/business again. 
I want to go to bed without worrying, without playing over and over in my head the insults that have been hurled at me. I hate having to take anyone to collections, as a little business person I feel for those who are in the same boat as I am. 

The people who are honest with me, who say, I'll pay what I can when I can, but until others pay me I can't pay you - those people I will work with, bend over backwards to help...they have integrity. The rest, the collections agencies can sort out. I am not a bill collector, nor do I aspire to be; my heart, my nerves and my emotions can't take it.

So, fellow small business person, what is your LEAST favorite hat to wear?

I'd love to hear your tales - I learn a lot when I share challenges, thoughts and ideas with others...working alone; with blinders on and no one to bounce stuff off of is not the ideal situation to be in, so... It's class time - I am ready, willing and able to hear, learn and absorb...I would welcome you sharing your least favorite task with me, how you handle it, over come procrastination over do you deal with your least favorite job in your business?

In the news today: 

7 members of the Hell's Angels were scooped up in an Ontario drug raid dubbed operation Manchester.

David Booth from the Globe and Mail shares his list of the best motorcycles in 2010.

The NHTSA in the US has released it's recall list. Harley-Davidson's big recall on 111K motorcycles tops the list, but there are notices from BMW, Kawasaki and Buell. 
Jagermeister is the first liquor company to ever sponsor a super-cross event.

If you are fortunate enough, smart enough, to live or be going somewhere warm where you can ride - PLEASE ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M.Can

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