Ali has been and will be for the next bit, working on streamlining our web site. She is working at making the information easier to access and making it easier for you to participate. If you notice on our What's Hot page (the home page) you will see we now have the news feeds being displayed in a more meaningful way.  Now it doesn't really matter what section of the site the story is posted to, you can have a quick over view of everything right there on the home page! Sports, News and Jokes are all there with their own feed displays - sure makes my job of writing every day easier! And it is only going to get better. When you have over 20K pages of information figuring out how to deliver it can be challenging!

I want to encourage everyone to give me some feed back on the Rider Friendly definition for Hotels, Motels, Gas Stations, Restaurants and Pubs....Camprgounds are a whole other issues that we need to address as well.

I was quite surprised yesterday as to how quiet the news feeds were, they sure made up for it today!
In the news today - well Royal Enfield and Norton debuted their new machines in Toronto.
DMX did a feature on the Toronto Motorcycle Show.
If you like motorcycles and museums the article on the German Museum is a must read for you.

Victory/Polaris is helping with the aftermath if Ft Hood and Siemens and OCC are asking for your help in choosing which charity should get the Siemens Chopper.

There's a ton of sports news as well, check out the new feed displays on our home page:

Once again I am asking for you to express what makes a good rider friendly customer service experience at hotels, motels, restaurants and pubs...

Your feedback is wanted because Inquiring minds need to know!

If you are one of the smart/fortunate people who live where is is warm and you can ride your motorcycle, PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M.Can

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