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The one story I really want to discuss with you all comes out of California - as our population here in Canada grows we ARE going to start having some of the same social issues the US has so NOW would be a good time to discuss them and what we are going to do as a community to combat them, and since so many of you ride in the US, knowing WHAT you are riding in to could prove LIFE SAVING.

In California right now they are getting geared up for spring and Share the Road with motorcyclists, Save a Life Look Twice Signs have been popping up on the interstates. That is sparking some HUGE OUTRAGE from drivers - seemly it is in the San Diego area that the attitude against motorcyclists is the worst.

Motorcyclists - because of the FEW - are looked upon in a negative way by many motorists.
In California lane splitting by bikes is allowed and many cagers REALLY resent that.

The CHP also is in the midst of a two-year “Look Twice, Save a Life” campaign to reduce the escalating number of motorcyclist deaths and injuries in the four counties with the worst accident rates.
San Diego County ranks No. 2 — behind Los Angeles County — with 52 motorcycle deaths and 1,134 injuries in 2008, the most recent figures available.
“This (sign) is a good way to get the message out that we share the road and need to look out for each other,” Coffee said.
At least, the signs have been noticed.

I suppose the fact that the signs are being noticed is a good thing but what about the attitude of the motorist - how in the HE double hockey sticks do we change that?
Why is there so much road rage against riders?

Your thoughts, ideas and opinions on the subject would be appreciated.

One of these days REALLY soon we are going to have to have the annual debate over loud pipes and what we are going to do about that nasty issue this riding season. 

I BELIEVE that WE - the riders need to take charge - some action to prevent idiots from using their loud pipes for attention seeking - they are a safety tool and if they keep using their pipes in a way that detracts from their proper usage we won't be allowed to have them - the government will shut down the aftermarket folks - chew on that one and let's think of some concrete things that can be done.Ah yes - riding season - spring - it's in the air - I can feel it in my bones and with it comes:
Illegal Helmet tickets, loud pipe tickets and all sorts of issues and challenges - what are you going to do to protect yourself this riding season? I think some great discussions are on the menu in the weeks ahead.

If you are a lucky dog who is riding  - look twice - make sure that cager can see you!

Otherwise there's still about a week and a half or so of voting in the Beat the PMS Blues on line show 'n' shine to be done. Get your votes in and help the people who entered totake home their share of the over $5K in prizes that are up for grabs!

Have a great weekend everyone - I won't be blogging tomorrow - I am learning to take a day off for me to recharge my batteries....

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