They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I sure hope so.

My faith in ever finding contractors or employees to work in administration or layout for me has officially ended.

I am not sure I will - at least not in the foreseeable future, even entertain the idea of trying to find office or layout help. I am so deeply, bitterly disappointed.

A week ago I thought I had a team - this is a recurring mantra of mine that needs to stop.
I seem to attract to me people who are either delusional in what they can manage work load wise or people who say they have skill but truly don't OR they want $35-40 per hour because they have been spoiled by the oil and gas industry.

One gal told me she had worked in an accountants office and knew how to do x, y and z. at the end of our short journey she had minimized a screen and sat for two hours unable to figure out how to get back in to the accounting program. She wanted $15 per hour.

The next gal had a lot admin experience and after three hours of listening to how wonderful she was she told me she wanted $35 per hour.

This latest disappointment was a gal I have know for a good long while. Hugely talented, but as I was soon to find out way too overwhelmed in her world and I suppose unwilling to admit that. During a conversation she expresses to me that she felt she'd like to tackle doing the newspaper layout for me.
I was so elated...finally someone I know who really does have the skill, who rode and so understands our community wants to work with me - wow, I could see Sundays off with my husband, Mondays as admin days, Tuesdays to Saturdays for sales, courses and meetings...I saw a life.

So, I hooked her up with Adobe Creative Suite, let her play in the program, she phones and tells me that she feels she's ready and I send her all of my files, we discuss the paper, it's needs and how we are going to proceed. I have never tried to train anyone to do my job so this was to be an experience.

Yah - it was an experience. Her life is in such turmoil she makes mine look like a tranquil harbour.

My single biggest fear came to fruition when at 8 pm last night I was informed she couldn't do it.
She'd been bawling and having the most horrid day. The sale on some equipment she owned had fallen through and she had needed the sale for cash flow. The guy who was taking over her store's space came in to see the space and further upset her, then apparently someone in her family passed away and so here I am at 2 am getting ready to put an entire paper together that should have already gone out in email. Life gets in the way of things we'd all like to do. I love the gal who had the melt down and let me down. I know that a lot of what's going on with her is life. But - sometimes life slap us down just because it can and at other times it slaps us because we set ourselves up for it and she had, in my opinion set herself up to be slapped.

I went to bed at 8:30 pm last night as I had been working since 2am - I had lost my purse - which I did eventually find - I had been in courses at GPRC, doing sales training with a gent who has expressed a desire to work with me and sales calls. I was exhausted, depressed and so I went to bed.

My reputation as someone who delivers the goods consistently and timely is important to me.
Finding balance in my work life so that I can have a life is HUGELY important to me - I just need to
re think how I am going to accomplish that because I have not to date had any luck at attracting quality staff and when I do they fall in love and leave me...cause the love of their life is in Drumheller.

So, I apologize to all of my advertisers and all of my readers that your newspaper will be late.
I will get it to you by noon today, somehow, just bare with me OK?

In the news today:
The police services are pressing the province really hard to do something with the noise laws.

The Winter Olympics made some pretty strong impressions on people around the world as to who we Canadians really are. 

Prostar Motorsports has a pretty big announcement

And the mid range motorcycle segment in India is heating up competition wise....
And that's what is in the news as of 2:30 am MST on Thursday morning.

Now off to start building this weeks paper...

If you are lucky enough to be riding PLEASE ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, like they are out to get you and just as important - PLEASE be a good ambassador for our community. Use respect with that throttle hand.

There are two days left to vote for your favourite machines in the Beat the PMS Blues on line show 'n' shine....

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YOU, make it a great day!

Lord, please keep Your arm around my shoulders
and your hand over my mouth! Amen
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