So - you want to be a cowboy with that right hand?
You love the brap, brap or the rumble of them fancy pipes?
Have you gotten addicted the extra horse power? The looks you get when you ride by?

Do you love them fancy pipes enough to have your license plate taken away leaving you on the side of the road?  Well then hold on to your arse and your pocket book.

Edmonton is considering that as one measure for dealing with inconsiderate jackasses...problem is their whole theory rests on experts who have NO clue what is what.
(Read the CBC article)

Problem is that this whole scenario could be played out by cops who have personal dislikes and agendas - can we say constitutional battle folks??? Let one rider with a good lawyer and legit pipes have their plate taken away...

The province is working on a noise law with testing equipment and new fine levels...
In the meantime, from May to October, police plan to conduct another anti-noise campaign. Last year's effort had mixed results. For one blitz, the traffic section devoted 14 full shifts to the program, but only 63 of the 1,635 charges they laid were related to excessive noise.
A total of 383 noise charges were filed during all of 2009, up from 218 the year before.
Of those cases processed by the court, 86 per cent of the defendants were penalized, either by voluntarily paying the fine, pleading guilty or being found guilty. Close to half the offenders never showed up to court and were convicted in absentia. (Edmonton Journal Keith Gerein)

You see people - do you see what I am talking about here? Half of the people charged NEVER showed up in court - there goes that silent majority thing - that complacent Canadian thing again...If you aren't willing to stand up and defend yourself over subjective measures then do me a favor - Don't be whining. 

Every year we go through this dance and every year I hear riders #itching about the fine they got or the harassment but do we see any change? In order to affect change you have to actually be willing to do something and whining - #itching is not going to get us anywhere...that is not the kind of action to which I refer.

In the news today:
Harley is coasting along although 2010 is set to be another down year for the manufacturer.
Lawsuit over "Unsafe" Suzuki motorcycles is settled...
Triumph has added value to their Tiger....
Biker gang experts in Halifax try to determine if the people murdered had ties to the Hells Angels.

If you are a fortunate sod who is riding - please remember to ride like everyone around you is out to get you, that they are blind and can not see you, and PLEASE use some respect with that right hand - for the sake of all of us.

Our show 'n' shine closes tomorrow night -  March 3rd at midnight. Get on over there and vote for your favorite machine before its too late!

I am going to have a terrific day and I hope yours is as well.

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YOU, make it a great day!

Lord, please keep Your arm around my shoulders
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