To those who got their newspaper today I apologize for the quality.

Sadly, Marion - the gal who lays the paper out had a family emergency last night and there was a problem getting files to me so that I could take over. She is on a MAC and I am on a PC and something stupid happened where in she couldn't "package" the files to send to me.

She did the best she could but she needed to get to the hospital.
I am looking in to what we can do to prevent this type of situation from happening ever again and apologized deeply to all who are affected.

As soon as I know what happened in her family I will let the rest of you know. My heart and prayers go out to her, I know her son has cancer I am however unclear if it was something that happened with him or something else that took place - she was crying too hard for me to understand her - words escape me other than to pray to the lord my God that she and her family are OK.

In the news today there is more death in our community. A rider was killed in Saskatoon yesterday when he reportedly lost control of his bike in Saskatoon North.

In Cochrane AB on April 16th a rider was hit from behind by a semi.

Port Dover is getting ready for a huge Friday the 13th Celebration this year - it's 5oth!

And in the US a study about motorcycle accidents reports a HUGE drop in fatalities.

That's what's in the news today so far folks - if you are lucky enough to be riding today - please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, IS out to get you and please ride proud NOT loud.

Belt Drive Betty

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