Today in the main stream news feeds there are two motorcycle collisions to report.

Yes, surprisingly only two - however, the reason I am choosing to write about "Collisions/Accidents" is that truly an accident is something like a deer or other animal jumping out in front of you - the rest are collisions and more often than not they are preventable.

Distracted drivers, inattentive drivers and some that are just plain BAD drivers - they are the cause of most collisions between motorcycles and vehicles - reportedly 70% of the time on average depending upon the stats you read. Rider error and inattentiveness and inexperience on the part of the motorcyclists make up the rest.

So how can we as motorcyclists keep ourselves safer out there?

Well, hyper vigilance is one way - using what they teach in school - SIPDE - Scan, Interpret, Predict, Decide and Execute - constantly scanning from side to side.

Watching your speed - a motorcycle's smaller profile makes it harder for drivers to gauge your speed causing them to misinterpret the time they have before your imminent arrival in front of them. Lights on your motorcycle - lots of them and reflective and bright gear reportedly also help the motorist to see you.

We need to do a far better job in this country when it comes to getting across the message that automobiles are really large weapons.

I wished there was a better way of amassing the statistics to prove what we riders know and witness every day, sadly, I haven't and neither have the experts figured out how to get that job done - I wish there was a way to prove the need for "loud pipes" in urban riding situations (like when someone is about to drift in to you) but then again I also wished that there was a way to get the "cowboys" to lay off of their really loud pipes when it isn't necessary to use them...dreams...perhaps we will figure out the way - soon I hope.

In the news:
Harley-Davidson's earnings skid

A motorcycle takes the long way around to coming back to it's roots

Ducati has some "treats" in store

A young Ontario motorcyclists is in serious condition after a collision

An 80 year old woman is charged with failing to stop after a collision with a motorcycle in Thunderbay, the rider was airlifted to hospital.

And Karma gets some thieves of motorcycles! 

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today - please, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, IS out to get you and ride proud - not loud - keep those loud pipes in reserve for when they are truly needed!

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