There is a push to change the law so police could pull anybody over and do random roadside screening without reasonable grounds of suspicion.

Not sure how you feel about that. I know that as a general rule I have nothing to hide from the police or anyone else yet I feel this law is yet another violation - I understand the need to protect but...your comments and thoughts as always - are appreciated.

In the news today:
The rider who was killed in Saskatoon yesterday was identified.

Manitoba wants to make the prosecutors job easier by creating a list of criminal organizations that don't have to be proven time again that they are criminal - the law is in the legislature.

In PEI, new fines have been introduced in an effort to curb accidents.

In BC, two guys clocked doing 180 last year get community service, license suspensions and a fine.

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If you are fortunate enough to be riding today, PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind, can't see you and IS out to get you. Ride proud - not loud - save the use of those pipes for when someone drifts in to you!

Belt Drive Betty

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