This morning I will have the pleasure of attending the Grande Re Opening of Kamloops Harley-Davidson. The re vamp and overhaul of the shop has been a while coming but was well worth it as Al Perrett, the owner told me yesterday. There is something special about this shop - not only is Al at 71 still active in racing in the Baja, he remembers the name of pretty much every customer who shops there.

Yes this man is special and that is what makes Kamloops H-D special - the people. I have had the pleasure of having Robin - the service manager work on my bike, Larry DeBolt from Grande Prairie has also had the pleasure of having Derek Jacobs and Jordan Mallais work on his bike and when I say pleasure - I mean it. The Best CUSTOMER Service I have gotten in a shop ever - were Larry's words!

The employees in this shop seem genuinely happy to see and serve you. Everyone wears a smile, there is a feeling of true happiness here which - in retail - is rare. If you have time today - stop in - take in the band, the refreshments and say hi to Al and the gang!

We have some more new business partners where that BDB Club/savings card is good at!

David W. Page - Investors Group - Kamloops BC
Falkland Pub- Falkland BC
Kreater Custom Motorcycles in both Kelowna and Mississauga!
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After I leave the H-D shop - I am on the road again!
This time heading for home and my own bed! I am sooo looking forward to that and seeing my wonderful man!

It's a busy day in the news - if you have a few moments, drop in to the What's hot page at and scroll down to the center of the page...

If you are a lucky dog and are riding on this glorious day - please ride like everyone around you is blind - out to get you and please remember to ride Proud not Loud

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YOU, make it a great day!

Lord, please keep Your arm around my shoulders
and your hand over my mouth! Amen
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  1. Great post, very upbeat...It is always good to see that people are active, inventing and re-inventing their businesses and communities.

  2. Thanks Baron - that means alot. It was so nice to meet Al and walk around the bhop with him and see how he interacts and the sense and zest for life he has - what an inspiration. You know something - it is true what they say - being around good people makes one feel good!