Well folks, although it was pouring rain I had another successful day of sales on the road. Cycle Works West in Parkland County just outside of Edmonton is now a partner as is Electric Rodeo in Spruce Grove and the Rivers Pub in the Quality Inn in Whitecourt.

I also took some time to meet the boys from Wild Horse Leathers on Highway 16 west of the City (between RR 33 & 34) Talented guys when it comes to lacing leather - I have only ever seen one guy whose work is as tight and fine and that would be Snake in Prince George. The boys at Wild Horse however do mainly hand stitching for seams etc no awl used - hence their work is very "tough"

Interesting stuff - if you are looking for a unique gift, custom saddle bags, tool pouches or purses - these gents have some cool stuff to see and they take custom orders

It rained so hard between Mayerthorpe and Whitecourt that I called it a day and stayed at the Quality Inn in Whitecourt. When a bike is beginning to hydroplane from so much water it is time to quit.

After a good meal and a great visit with Papa George, I went to my room and slept hard.

I am late getting up but I guess that after 10 days on the road and working stupid hours I am entitled to a sleep in.

In the news:
Tragic news in St Albert as a local couple is killed in an accident - Ed and Diane Rensch were killed when a vehicle allegedly turned left in front of them.

An Ontario rider was charged when his motorcycle was clocked doing 205 KPH

Also in Ontario a rider is dead after a crash with a vehicle.

In Cape Breton the rider who was killed on Saturday has been identified

The Saskatchewan Rough Riders are pretty happy with their new Triumph Theme Bike.

And the New Zero S gets critiqued

As always - I love your input and feedback - I can't get better at what I do unless you talk to me!

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and out to get you and please ride Proud not Loud.

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