I apologize for not blogging yesterday - I was sooo wiped out.
You see on Sunday, I had put together this beautiful 22 page newspaper.

Lots of interesting articles and stories from right across the country and when I opened it on Wednesday night to do my editorial and add the two page newsletter from Sturgis North to it - the entire document - all of the picture folders, the stories, the posters, ads - EVERYTHING disappeared. Apparently the file was corrupt. So there I was, Wednesday night a 7pm having an absolute melt down. I'd been up since 2 am - I was tired and the LAST thing I wanted to do was to rebuild the paper, but after my hissy fit, I settled in to it and was able to rebuild 21 pages and get the paper to the web mistress for delivery by 2 AM AB time.  I am a morning person and the web mistress is a night person so this worked out OK...everyone got their paper on time...

But beat, MAN was I beat. So forgive an old broad for not filling you in on the day's news feed stories! Now...on to today's news feeds...

I have been a part of this most fantastic community for over 30 years.
Giving Back - its always been a big part of the biker community - I can't remember a time when it wasn't.

Paying it forward, giving back - whatever label you want to put to it, bikers tend to be a pretty generous and thankful group of people - FOR THE MOST PART. There are the cons that come in to our community and attempt to take advantage of us... OR our reputation for generosity - look at the Ms Caron Oderbien episode! And I can think of a few businesses that are no longer around whose owners would fit in that category - scammers and users. Over the years  I have seen a lot of people be hurt by those cons. And our community  has taken a hit reputation wise because of them...

And then there are the angels - the people who for no other reason than they want to do some good somewhere - give back in such a stellar fashion...and the hero's of the day? No Pork...

In California a bike shop called "No Pork" ('cause they don't work on Hawgs) fixed a 77 year old cancer patient's bike for free - a $2,900 bill voided by community spirit and generosity!

Read the article for yourself - it WILL warm your heart!

And another heartwarming article in the news...a group of riders from Regina are holding a fundraiser for Terry OH this weekend at the Gaslight Saloon. Terry was severely injured when a van cut a left hand turn in front of him at an intersection back at the end of September. Terry is an incredibly talented tattooist and lost a leg as a result of this crash.
If you are a veteran - card carrying/patch are in for some very special hospitality if you decide to go to the Sturgis North Event in Salmon Arm this July!

Ray Sasserville called me all excited yesterday - he has secured 5 acres of land that allows the Sturgis North committee to offer FREE camping/RV'ing for all military personnel past and presently serving. And not just for a day or two either - the ENTIRE WEEK.
Ray is supposed to be getting us an official announcement in a few days with all of the details of everything that will be available to the military at the event!

As always, I welcome your comments, feedback and input - without your involvement there is no point to these posts!

In other news:

A 1925 Brough Superior ss100 is going up for auction
The bike gets it's name from the fact that it could do 100MPH in a 1/4 mile! It is reportedly valued at some $600,000+ dollars and will be auctioned off in New York

Norton is planning a huge comeback in the US and has hired Ducati's former CEO Van Epps for the job!

BMW's Dakar appearance is short lived as according to Dakar race director Etienne Lavigne, David Fretigne will not be racing in the 2011 Dakar.

In Ontario: a van plowed in to the back of a motorcycle and then on into a car - both vehicles were stopped for the lights. The motorcyclist was sent to hospital. 

On Vancouver Island: local riders were honored at the Vancouver Island Motocross Award.

The Duncan Motorsports team lead by Don Hatton placed 5th in the Baja!

Have a great day and please take your time out there.

Belt Drive Betty

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