My husband asked me a question about this "Business" I run called the Busted Knuckle Chronicles and" Is it really worth it? Do you really think anyone gives a damned?" he asked.

This conversation took place on Wednesday evening after my entire 22 page newspaper disappeared on me - I was crying (really, really over tired) and frustrated beyond belief.

If my husband had it his way I would shut this computer off and never look at it again.
I would ride strictly for enjoyment and not ever put pen to paper again for a living.
My husband has come to detest Belt Drive Betty cause he never gets to see his wife - Renee.

And I understand his frustration. He wanted me to declare bankruptcy after the Bike Show in Olds in 2007 and to throw in the towel.
Yet, here I am three years later, treading water - working way too many hours to make sure I can pay the bills I have - it's an honor thing with me - I owe the money - I took the risk and it blew up - I DID THAT, now it has to be paid for.

I get discouraged from time to time - like any small business owner you spend so much time working in your business that working on it seems almost impossible.

Keeping your chin up when cons sign up for a business membership and then don't pay their bills but get three or four months free exposure until I realize they never intended to actually pay for their memberships - that's rough. You feel so abused and mistreated when that crap happens.

I have been ripped off by fellow small business owners that have not paid their ad bills.
I have had to take a few to court and others just were not worth the bother.
I can't tell you the number of "Friendships" or should I say illusions of friendship that have been destroyed.

I have had people say they would do ad sales, I have spent countless hours on training them and bought expensive software to assist in working long distance with them and then these people never follow through - they quit returning calls, they leave the web site and the newspaper and act like some how I am responsible for their lack of integrity. And they don't return the banners or other tools I supply.

If I had just stayed working on my own instead of spending the time with them, training them I'd be so much farther ahead today. When you rely on others to do a job and they let you down it does not hurt their credibility - it hurts yours as the business owner.

There's egos and politics galore out there and that alone makes navigating in this old world tough sometimes. I have had non profits that I have worked hard for abuse me in public and in quiet smear campaigns because those at the helm could not communicate and the membership was horribly misinformed as to what was going on.  In all three cases egos, politics, good intentions and lack of communication played huge rolls in what transpired.
(Communication or lack there of is the biggest killer of so many great endeavors)

And I have had the RCMP in Sylvan Lake/Red Deer/Olds country do their utmost best to ruin me financially....

I talk to a lot of other little business people who get so frustrated with the November to February shrink in their incomes - they forget in July to prepare for that really long dry spell and then they struggle all winter....and sometimes there is no way to prepare - you get so far behind you think you'll never get out from under.

This is a challenging economy - a lot of people are hurting out there...

Being in business for yourself is not for the faint of heart.

Those are the bad things...the dark side of being in business (some I was prepared for, others - not so much!) My husband's question brought up all of those bad things, the memories and sorrow - BUT, it also brought up all of the good things too!

The really great people I have worked with and actually helped or who have helped me, the little businesses and events that had no real place to market themselves to the riding community and they use our services well and often.

The riders I get to meet at every event, the kids that are made happy, the soldiers that I and so many support. The miles I get to put on on my machine...that alone is worth the headaches and heartaches!

My husband disagrees - he feels frustrated because of the work he sees me do and the stuff that gets dumped on me - he says he is scared for me...I guess I can understand that.
My heart tells me that what I do is valuable and has meaning to at least some of you.


He is not computer literate, he does not see the how, how do I prove to him that what I do does have value and matters to this community?

Ideas and suggestions are needed and VERY welcome....

As always, I welcome your in put and feeback!

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Also in BC, the growing number of people putting gas engines on their bicycles is concerning the police.

Over seas, Harley-Davidson has been entertaining the troops

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Please drive safely...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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