Motorcyclists in Washington have much reason to celebrate. Actually, riders around the globe do, thanks to the efforts of the bikers of the state of Washington.

At last, a government has recognized and identified that our community is being profiled by police services. No longer will officers be able to write down license plates of riders at events, no more can they ask about your tattoos or your riding club. 
Now they have to have a compelling reason to stop you.

It is my hope, that riders here in Canada, where the police services are also profiling our community, will unite and fight for the freedom of expression, association and the right to peacefully assembly of all of us.

When you read what has happened in Washington State, once you see the videos - you will understand that there is hope for us here in Canada and riders around the globe to stop this practise. Are American laws different - yes without a doubt, but - there is enough similarity to be able to lobby to get laws like this enacted here in Canada.

I have witnessed these types of stops, here in Canada, personally. The bike show I held in Olds is a really good example of profiling by the police, the Falkland Stampede and many other events that bikers attend have seen long line ups of bikes where police officers check over the bike and the rider for no other reason than they are on bikes. I personally have witnessed police officers photographing the license plates of riders at events, seen them hide in unmarked cars at events taking pictures or as they call it gathering intelligence...(Just go to the Edmonton Swap Meet or almost any event in Ontario if you think I exaggerate) this discrimination is not unique to the US by any means.
This law is the first true admission by any government that our community IS being targeted by law enforcement. The law is written using the 2002 Racial Profiling Law implemented in Washington state as it's foundation.  This is also the first law to recognize bikers as a visible minority.

I spoke with Kathie Durbin of The Colombian Newspaper, the lady who broke the story, after our discussion, which was very informative, I was given the ways and means by which to contact the riders who lobbied for this bill and the senators involved in authoring and passing the bill. I am grateful to Kathie for the time she spent talking to me, because of her, I was able to find the You Tube videos, and gain first hand knowledge of the history of this bill.
I have spoken with Jeff "Twitch" Burns and David Gavereau, two of the key players in this lobbying effort and they assure me that they will assist any confederation of clubs that wants to see this practice of profiling stop. They feel they have the tools and resources that can be applied to Canadian law - And YES - that means they will help us here in Canada. These men are thoughtful, well educated and well spoken - no hot heads here.

I spoke with a young man named Adam in Senator Pflug's office - what a helpful and pleasant young man and he assured me that he would have the Senator or one of the Senators call me back so I could ask about the law and the legal implications. When those discussions take place, I will pass on what I learn.

If you wear a patch - ANY PATCH, HOG, CAV, Canadian Veterans, Defenders, UN NATO, CMA - ANY PATCH - and those with no patch,  you need to watch the videos.....All of them if you can find the time. If not - watch the 5th, 6th and 7th videos - they show what went on in the Washington Senate and you will hear first hand the arguments that were presented.
I think you will find that there is A LOT to be learned here.

Here is a prime example of motorcyclist profiling:

And yet another example of profiling of motorcyclists:

Prejudice and the Badge: 

Here is the first video regarding the Motorcyclist Profiling Bill:

Here is the passionate and thoughtful explanation of David Devereaux of who represents the riding community of the state of Washington:

The third speaker in this monumental law, ABATE Representative, Donnie Landsman:

And the historical moment when this bill becomes law:

This is what happens when a community stands shoulder to shoulder and stands for their rights - they win - it can be done folks...

So - who wear the patches of ANY Riding Club or MC - are you ready to take a stand and put a stop to the harassment? 

If you are, it is time that you join your local rights organization  - BCCOM  in British Columbia and the OCC  in Ontario are the two major groups in Canada. If we can get this law implemented in Ontario and BC, just imagine what can happen in the rest of the country. For those of us in provinces with no rights organization - it's time to form one - to talk to and join with the two big groups in this country. 

It is NOT a crime to ride a motorcycle. It is not a crime to attend events where all manner of rider and club may be represented. We ARE a visible minority and we do have the power and now the support to change the laws of this country so that they afford us the protection under the charter that we, as tax paying, hard working, law abiding citizens deserve.

The RCMP and other police services in our country are powerful but as was proven in the state of Washington - united we ride - divided - we  get harrassed...(PS - I know that this does not happen in ALL Jurisdictions, but the fact that it happens at all is reason enough to lobby for change)

As always, I welcome your thoughts and opinions...

In Other News:

In BC - Cpl Monte Robinson's hearing to determine if he will be tried for obstruction in the death of Orion Hutchison is on today - BCCOM and Justice for ALL are asking all lower mainland riders to attend today if at all possible.

A Canadian built electric motorcycle is being called bad ass with a range of 185 MILES on a charge and has a top speed of 200 KPH or 124 Miles.

In the UK - London bikers loose their fight over parking fees but vow it's not over

In LA and New York - motorcycle taxis are going to be moving people through the congestion of these two big cities.

Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone. Jere in GRande Prairie we have snow, yet again...but if you are lucky enough to be riding today - PLEASE, ride like everyone is blind, can not see you and IS out to get you.

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