Finally we get the news out of BC that Cpl Monte Robinson will stand trial for obstruction of justice. This RCMP officer has done more to destroy the reputation of the RCMP than any other officer in my humble opinion.

After a party, Robinson, who had his children in his jeep with him, hit motorcyclist Orion Hutchison. The officer never offered aid to Hutchinson, instead, he took his children to his mothers home, claims to have had a couple of shots to calm his nerves and then returned to the scene. He claimed the collision was too gruesome for his kids to have to witness. His blood alcohol tests came back as .12 and .10 - the legal limit at the time was .08

Two years after the crash that took his life, the autopsy apparently revealed that Hutchinson had also been drinking and speeding. TWO YEARS after the fact they let this evidence surface - in my humble opinion - something smells fishy there.

Now, I am not one for conspiracy theories as a general rule but this officer has abused his knowledge of the system, not once, but at least twice that we know of. (He was the lead officer in the Robert Dziekanski tasering.) And it appears that either he OR the force have friends in the coroners office and in the crown prosecutors office- that's what it appears to be, to me anyway.

I have many questions I would like to ask this officer - the first one is HOW could you drink and drive with your kids in your vehicle? 
The second is - how could you flee the scene without offering aide to the person you just crashed in to? 
The third is - do you really think anyone with half a brain can't see through your bogus story? Even your own fellow officers wanted you charged with impaired driving and impaired driving causing death.

The problem with the RCMP is their ability to cover stuff up, to sweep it under the carpet - AND the slap on the wrist they get - many officers have been caught drinking and driving - especially in the Delta Surrey region of BC. One female officer was acquitted of drunk driving and six months later charged again with impaired. In another news article from 2008 4 RCMP officers were charged with drunk driving - one of them was Robinson. Two were involved in crashes - both fled the scene.

None of these officers have paid any kind of real price for their actions.

There is an abuse of authority, and abuse of the system and a total disregard for their uniform or the public they are supposed to serve and protect. If you think I exaggerate - go Google - RCMP drinking and driving - read the sentences and fines these "upstanding" people get.

Is it any wonder that people have begun to mistrust the justice system, to fear it?
For those interested in just how bad things are with the RCMP in this country visit   It will make your stomach turn.

No, not all officers are bad - yes I even know a few I like, BUT, when you look at the way our community is profiled by them, perhaps it is time WE profile them. Maybe we should be calling all officers drunks...I know that isn't the right thing to do but - maybe we need to put the shoe on the other foot and see how they like it. 
Sorry - that's just me needing to lash out at the horrible injustice of it all.

It is my fondest hopes that the judge trying Robinson throws the full power of the law at this gross offender. 

Not just because he killed Orion and is not facing vehicular manslaughter charges, not because he got away with having his kids in the vehicle while drinking and driving, not just because he didn't give aid to Orion and not just because he and his fellow officers got away with killing Mr. Dziekanski with a taser in what I personally viewed as excessive force, but because of all of the above. Cpl Robinson is much more that a disgrace to his uniform - he is a disgrace to the human race in my humble opinion.

Our justice system appears to very ill - our tax dollars get spent on allowing these officers who abuse their positions to be put on administrative duty or leave with pay. WHY? None of us gets that kind of break when we do something dumb assed.

I hope that Orion's family finally gets some small measure of justice as skewed as it will be, it's time.

It is also my fondest hope that we here in Canada will be successful in our bid to have profiling of motorcyclists cease. It is time that some of this absolute authority the RCMP feel they have is stripped from them and that the rules of the road, of this land apply to them as well as to the rest of us.

How that can be accomplished is beyond me, but I know this much - where there is a will there is a way - the question is, do we have the will?

As always, I welcome your feedback and input.

In other news:
Sturgis North has come to an agreement with the Neskonlith Band to have reserve land be the main stage for their concerts, vendors etc and camping!

In Alberta, a crash in Sherwood Park may have been a result of speed.

In the US - Score one for the good guys in Mississippi - The Westboro "Church" was stymied by a group of citizens who wanted the funeral for a fallen hero to be dignified - read what this community and its county did to thwart these people!

Also in the US - a man whose motorcycle was stolen - ends up chasing his bike and having it returned!

Have a fabulous Thursday - have a fantastic Easter Weekend and PLEASE - Ride like everyone around you IS out to get you - IS blind and CAN NOT see you and please don't drink and ride - it's just not worth the consequences folks...

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