We all know that riding gives us a sense of freedom but as with any freedom there are also huge responsibilities.

As I read through the posts on various Facebook groups that are up in arms over the loud pipes debate I can't help but wonder what I am doing wrong in attempting to get people to understand that the debates going on right now are NOT about loud pipes but about treating all road users the same.

It amazes me that people think they can be as loud as they want to be, whenever they want to be and not face some sort of angst or anger by the non riding public.

Loud Pipes do save lives in Urban riding settings when one is caught in A DRIVER'S BLIND SPOT - when you twist the throttle and open her up a bit - it does make the drive who does not shoulder check but just comes into your lane wake up and pay attention - however, the constant showing off by so many who ride - that need they have to be seen because they feel they are special is what has made so many non riders pissed right off.

I have been staying in Kelowna with a friend who lives on the 15th floor of a beautiful apartment building. You can hear people talking up here - they aren't even being loud but I can hear every word they are saying from their ground floor apartments. The other night, I was on the deck enjoying the moonlight and stars and what to my great dismay did I hear? Some insensitive, self absorbed human being on their motorcycle rat bagging on it. Not just a wee bit like you would when you are rapping the throttle to get a driver to pay attention, no - this went on for at least a city block - probably 45 seconds - not impressive and it was at 11pm.

This behaviour is what gets all of us tarred with the brush of being inconsiderate and selfish and truly - the vast majority of our community is very respectful and courteous - but as with any community, it is the behaviour of the few that tar the rest of us.

The next time you are out and about think about the damage you are doing to our community reputation when you satisfy your need to show off. The non riding public does not believe that loud pipes can and do save lives - what they feel is that our loud pipes destroy their right to a peaceful nights sleep or a conversation on their patio or deck. 

Most riders love the sound of a good set of pipes - I get that, but let's remember folks we need to share the world with others - so please, consider the damage you do to the whole community when you use your pipes for your attention needs that don't involve your safety.

I have had the great displeasure of already having to defend my trade marks - I am so glad that I have taken the time and money to protect and register my marks - a young gal I met last year has decided that she can use elements of my two marks together to create a business that is highly misleading - many people are asking me if this web site of her's is part of my network - I am grateful to all those who have brought this site to my attention. 
I asked her to consider changing her web site name so that I do not have to bring in the lawyers but - yah, like anyone doing things in an unethical manner she refuses to. The fact that she is doing this to me is one thing but the other things I uncovered about this gal and her conduct are what make me really glad that I have the law on my side.

I have my legal beagles from Pre Paid Legal dealing with her and I am glad I am a member - it is nice having a lawyer on retainer without the big fees! The link I provided here also includes their Identity Theft program information - which is another service that I use - if you are a small business owner - you might want to consider investigating how these people can help you - they have already helped me a ton!

In Other News:

In New Hampshire, a photographer who has had some brushes with the law finds himself embroiled in another situation - this time he is not the one to have broken the law though, he claims it is the police.

In Quebec - the Pat Burn's Ride is getting ready to gear up for June 18th.

In Ontario - the ride for a fallen officer in Toronto is set for this weekend.

In Saskatchewan - the MRFD is hosting a number of side events leading up to the big day

As always - there are more articles of interest over at

Have a fabulous hump day folks and please ride safely - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you!

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  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    It's refreshing to hear a different side of this noise issue. Bikers need to realize we are, in some part, responsible for the noise bylaw in the first place. There are a few rank offenders that will continue to irritate the masses and all bikers will ultimately pay for the lack of judgement and consideration of a few.
    It is made worst when someone tries to tell me that our vets fought for our right to ride our bike through town at ear splitting decibels.
    I won't argue with the fact that a loud pipe will give cagers a heads up that you are within a few car lengths of them but do they need to know you are a few blocks away? I agree with your efforts to shed light on the unfair practice of the police targeting only bikes for noise violation. There are many other offenders that race around at night on 4 wheels. It seems highly unlikely that these offenders are being let go because they are not on a bike. Good luck with the upcoming court dates!