Monty Robinson is one man that I and many other riders have come to detest - this RCMP corporal is still being paid in spite of the fact that he killed a rider, has gotten off impaired charges because of his - I believe -  deceitful and treacherous ways. This man has done more harm to the RCMP uniform and the feeling that motorcyclists have about the RCMP than even the targeting of motorcycles in Nanaimo.
What further angers me about this man is that he is still being paid. Yes I know - I am repeating myself but it warrants being repeated - the man is still getting paid - I am so disappointed in our National Police force - what a black eye officers like Mr Robinson and others give them and then to have their upper management pay them when they have broken the law - man if that was your or me we'd have the book thrown at us and we'd be eating Kraft dinner for a long time and using food banks probably too.

Now look at the case of the family in Surrey that lied to cover up for their son who killed a motorcyclist - when the parents found out what their son had done, they called in their van as stolen - they are both facing charges for lying and their son is facing vehicular manslaughter charges - my question - did they think that if an RCMP officer could get off their son could too?

The problem as I see it, is that when an officer lies as blatantly as Monty Robinson has - again, that is my humble opinion - then others feel it is OK to conduct themselves the same way the RCMP do. I am sure that most people have more common sense and brains than that - but there are those who will try.

I am heading out to the Hero's Highway ride in Oshawa next week - I am honoured to be an honorary ride captain - Thank goodness for AIR MILES! Lou has organized a place for me to stay and a motorcycle to ride and my friend Cookie is going to take me to the airport after the ride!YEEE HAWWW.

I am as excited as I can be to be part of such a fabulous celebration honouring our military!

I hope to see a ton of riders at the Rock n Ride being hosted by Kreater Motorcycles here in Kelowna on Saturday.Should be a great time!

Well folks, I have a busy day ahead of me here in the rainy Okanagan - I need to get my butt in gear - there is a ton of other news today - crashes, fundraisers and all kinds of last minute event info so check it out at

Have a fantastic Thursday everyone.

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