I arrived home last night after a 10 day swing through the Okanagan - what a ride!
I put on about 3500 KM and although I had a mixed bag of weather I rode home with a song in my heart and a spirit that feels restored. Man did I need that ride.

It is true what they say that sometimes it takes more than a full tank of fuel to help you to think straight again!

I witnessed a lot of wonderful things and some that were not so wonderful. One of the wonderful things I witnessed was Kim Mitchell at the Rock 'n' Ride in Kelowna at Kreater Custom Motorcycles West. Jeff and the gang put on a TOP DRAWER event and I have to say that if you weren't there - SUX to BE YOU!

I will have a full report on the event for next Thursday's paper - I will be writing it while I sit on a plane to Toronto tomorrow. That's right - I am home one day and head off to the Hero's Highway Ride - I can't wait and yet - how the heck am I gonna get caught up on the paperwork? Thank goodness for Freda from the Paperwork Artist who has been working with me remotely to ensure I get my books done every month - if it wasn't for her - I'd be hooped!

I have to thank my friend Diana Stratton and her room mates Leen & Michelle for the most enjoyable time I spent at their home. Ruthless Ruthie & Whipper - thank you for the hospitality, Arlene & Chris - thank you for dinner and the hugs, Chance Camino from the Riverfront Pub for the hospitality, Davina - love you girl! Dirty Girl - glad I got to see you for your birthday - love you woman.

Rachael from Joe Schmuck's in Sicamous - thank you for meeting me on your day off!

Ray from Sturgis North - thanks for the tour of the Sturgis North Pub - formerly the Old Dog Pub in Salmon Arm - congrats on all your hard work - I know that many are excited to see this event become successful and have a long life! 
Darryl at Wheel 2 Wheel Motorcycle Care - good seeing you at Slack's, sorry I didn't get the chance to stop at the shop.

I got the chance to see DeeDee & Bernie at Harleywood - man I love that shop! We have 2 new business members in the Okanagan - Route 97 Motorcycle Tours & Sales and the Riverside Blues Barn - a place you can camp during Sturgis North or any of the other north Okanagan  Events.

I got a hug and some kick a$$ cookies from Jeff at the Falkland Pub and ran in to David W Page from Investors Group - David supplies our weekly newspaper with a column on financial planning for BC riders - in Kamloops at the Flying J - - yes this trip was busy, hectic and rewarding!

There are many other businesses I wanted to stop in and see but didn't get the chance - just not enough time. I wished there were more of me - can anyone say cloning time?

Elks Motel in Keremeos, Osoyoos Nails & Ink, Creek Edge B & B in Summerland and the Log Inn Pub in Avola - I would have loved to be able to see everyone - sadly that was not to be!

On Sunday night I wanted to stop in to Cafe Mondo in Jasper for supper - we have 5 RFBA®
businesses in Jasper - but by the time I got in they were closed - that was too bad, cause I could taste the chicken pita I had a hankering for - I ended up riding in to Hinton and stayed over night with friends and then met with Alanna from ArtAtude who is designing some promotional products for me!

After a cold hearted ride from Hinton to Grande Cache (6 degrees and rain accompanied by strong winds) I was grateful for the hot corn chowder soup and hot fresh bread at the Grande Cache Hotel - the last 185 KM home we spent in relative warmth and sunshine - a perfect way to end a 10 day road trip!

The Rider Friendly Businesses® that I have linked to in this blog post are all here and ready to serve you and it is because of them that we can offer so many free services to the riding community - so whenever possible - please support those who support us!

Oh and along the route to Grande Prairie I used the Never Ride Alone service from Intercon Messaging - what a fantastic service they provide our members - it was extra piece of mind knowing someone was keeping track of me out there!  Remember - Intercon donates their service to our members FREE OF CHARGE - so use it - you never know when you could use the help when your belt breaks or a tire goes on you or a deer suddenly appears - using the Never Ride Alone Program makes sure someone is looking for you in the event you don't get to your- destination when you are supposed to - it could be the difference between life and death - literally.  1-866-765-6718 is the number to call for the BDB Club Rider Hotline & the Never Ride Alone Program!

I look forward to sharing all of the road stories I have accumulated - there are some good ones too!

Have a safe Tuesday everyone - there are a ton of stories in the news on
I hope you will check them out and stay informed!

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  1. I didn't know about/or maybe had forgotten about 'never ride alone' but between the BDB club (which I'm pretty sure I'm a member) and garmin dan I think I might just be ready to set my sights on the Pacific.
    Thanks for the links to Canada's west - it's nice to have some tried and true spots in a storm (and even on a hot sunny day)