The Minnesota Government has approved disabled license plates for motorcycles in their state.
 It is my hope that all states and Canadian Provinces will follow suit. It is about time that we see this forward movement in making life for those of us who are disabled a little more pleasant and convenient.

The NAACP is at it again - apparently two business have been named in a lawsuit for closing during Black Bike Week. The NAACP claims that these businesses operate during the Spring Harley Rally that is attended by predominately white riders.

The NAACP has been responsible for many such lawsuits claiming that white riders get preferential treatment. In the past the NAACP has sued the city and other businesses for discrimination and they have cited various incidents to back up their claims like the shutting down of streets while the Pagans and the Angels fought in 94 and have claimed that the H-D rally has a high incidence of crime and yet according to the news from WMBF the Black Bike Week Rally brings with it huge violence.

I am not sure why anyone would want to go to Myrtle Beach  - it is ranked as the 4th highest city for crime during spring break and reportedly has a high crime rate all year long.

As far as the NAACP and this series of lawsuits goes - these businesses that are being sued and others in the past have claimed their staff can't get to work and that patrons regularly walk out on their tabs and that they loose money during this particular event. I thought a small business could decide whom they wish to serve but apparently not. It sounds like the petty trespass act has no teeth for protection. I also thought a business was allowed to operate based on the business owners needs. I shake my head at this type of thing - it really does boggle my mind.

We have an update on the rider who was killed in Oshawa yesterday after he rear ended a vehicle and then was run over by a transport truck- thanks to Bruno of Ryders Roost for letting us know that Scotty - who was a fireman at Ontario Power Generation in Pickering, is the rider who was killed.

The Quebec Directeur des poursuites criminelles et pénales, Louis Dionne has said that he will appeal the superior court decision of Justice James Brunton who stayed charges against 31 people allegedly involved with the Hells Angels and the mega trials in Quebec following operation SharQc.

The Charest Government is under fire for it's lack of funding for prosecutors and the justice system as a whole. Begin Quote " "Often, the government approach is to invest in the investigation side. The SharQc police did great work. The problem is, we don't put in the same amount for the second part of the process - the criminal prosecution." End Quote

It appears to me that this is the problem in many regions of the country and it is not unique to Quebec. In BC many have been let off of charges because they could not obtain a trial in a reasonable length of time.  

I am in Oshawa and getting prepared to ride with the Perfect Pigs and thousands of riders to honour the men and women who fight for the rights of our country and those of other countries - our Veterans and fallen - the Heroes Highway Ride - Lou took me past where many of the events are taking place after the ride - it appears to be well organized and looks like it is going to be a heart warming, heart wrenching day.  The 401 is going to be closed and will have a police escort to ensure the safety of the riders - conservative estimates are 2500 - 4000 bikes and if mother Nature decides to be even remotely kind - there could be upwards of 6,000 riders! 

Here is some information on the ride:
THE ROUTE: From 10 Acre Truck Stop we will travel south
to Hwy. 2, then west along Hwy. 2 past C.F.B. TRENTON to
R.C.A.F. Road. Turning north we past the base before
joining the Highway of Heroes for our ride to the
Col. R.S. McLaughlin Armoury in the
City of Oshawa.


Heroes Highway Ride has been honoured by Base Command to be included as part of their Annual Base Open House's Schedule of Events.
Details can be found by clicking the link below:

Friday Night June 3rd -Come on down to Centennial Park on the Trenton
Waterfront From 7 p.m. until about 10 p.m. We are pleased to announce a FREE concert Featuring Cadence Grace, she is a little Country and the other band is Carbon Copy and they're Rock n Roll

We are collecting Non-Perishable Food Items for the Local Food Banks
and / or accepting donations for the Afghan Memorial Wall

This free ride and rally is about showing respect and thanks to the men and women of the Canadian Military - if you are in the Toronto/Oshawa area - PLEASE come and support our troops!

As always I welcome your feedback and comments!

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone and I look forward to seeing a ton of Toronto and area riders out this weekend!

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