I am sitting in Edmonton instead of being at home - why? 

Because West Jet held the plane for a passenger in Hamilton but did not hold the plane for three of us going on to Grande Prairie.

Yes they put me up in a hotel - no they did not feed me supper last night - yes I did get breakfast and I will get lunch - but all of the appointments I had booked for today - I have to re arrange - I never got to see my husband before he left for Montreal and his dad's funeral - I am frustrated - but what can you do?

When I called West Jet and said look, cancel the GP portion and let me rent a car to get home - nope - can't do that...I tried everything with them but - all doors and avenues were closed to me getting home last night.

I am hearing lots of complaints from others about West Jet and their service - in fact on the flight to Toronto they held my bags in Edmonton and I never got them until the day after I arrived - I am so sick of air travel and yet there are times you just have no choice. 
They charge you $2 - 10 to eat anything on the plane, and they only take credit cards on the plane and no debit. Unless of course you buy a voucher at the counter when you check in - IF you remember to do that... Yes air travel is becoming a right royal pain but - they have you by the short and curlies because as I said - sometimes you have no choice but to fly.

Oh well - the good news is I had a blast at the Heroes Highway Ride - like all the riders who attended I got DRENCHED - Riding with 2,400 other machines down the road and seeing all of the people who came out to cheer us on in spite of the weather - well it was nothing short of awe inspiring... but more on that when I can get home and go through my photos and videos - I will have a HUGE report on one of the BEST done events I have ever attended - I promise.

Have a Happy Monday - mine will be once I am home and can unpack and get everything sorted out and back on track! I am getting ready to finally get on a plane home so I will talk to you all tomorrow.

Please ride safely and remember to use respect with that throttle hand.
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Love you all!

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