I read with much dismay this morning about 2 riders from Quebec who were killed when a load of guardrails slid off of a truck into the oncoming lane of traffic - the riders had been at Americade.

According to the article: The Warren County Sheriff's Office says 47-year-old Mark Leigh of Norwich was driving a flat-bed truck Wednesday morning when he swerved left to avoid colliding with a motorcycle turning into a rafting area in the town of Lake Luzerne, about 70 kilometres north of Albany.

And yet NO CHARGES were laid - how can that be? What am I missing here? Firstly, if the driver had to swerve to avoid a rider turning does that not probably mean he was too close? Secondly - does an unsecured load not warrant a charge? I must be missing something here.  My heart goes out to the families of the two riders...

And more sad news - a 22 year old event has had to cancel for this year after a struggle with the ALR - the Stomp in Silver Creek BC will return next year but for this year - there is just not enough time to get a land deal for the event - the ALR gave Sturgis North the same kind of bum steer - this organization should be forced to answer some tough questions in my humble opinion.

It's a strange twist that let's this property be sold before the courts are done with it.

There's a cool older gal in Richmond Hill that has some tongues a wagging in a good way!

There is a bizarre hybrid between a hovercraft and a motorcycle that is being tested...not sure I would want one but it IS cool....

There are TONS of events in the calendars for this weekend - here in Grande Prairie we have our Salute to Dad Stamp Run, across the country the Ride for Sight, Ride for Dad, the Ride for Guide Dogs - there are no shortages of events to attend and charities to support - hope you will make the time to take in one this weekend.

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Wherever you travel - please - Ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, use respect with that right hand and remember to send me the information if you get stopped by the police, videos and statements - we need them folks!

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