There is an article in the news feeds today out of Australia about 2 "punks" who attempted to kill a Bandidos enforcer. These idiots were shooting in broad daylight, in the streets and narrowly missed killing a kid in a car seat when three bullets ended up in a car of a man who had his three kids with him.

This is so reminiscent of the Rock Machine/HA wars - no one minds when bad guys start offing each other but when innocents are caught up in the middle things get really ugly.  So now, with the new laws Australia has passed and this kind of flagrant stupidity happening I can only imagine that things will get far worse in Australia for bikers.

It is so sad how the regular, ordinary, every day biker always gets to pay for the sins of the few.

There is another article in the feeds that caught my eye - a Motorcycle Tour to GREECE.
That is one country I have always wanted to go to - however the tour is only 13 days long....if I was going to go I think I would want at least three weeks.

What is your dream motorcycle vacation? If money was NO OBJECT - where in the world would you want to ride?

I would love to know!

I have a ton of work to do today so I will leave you to discover the rest of the news in the feeds this morning on but before I sign off for the day I want to leave you with a couple of fines from around the net that have been shared with me by email or on Facebook...

Have a FABULOUS Tuesday everyone...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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