The debate about helmets runs long and deep. It is a topic of contention whether you are a rider or not.

Some feel that no matter who you are, what your personal opinions are, you should be forced to wear a helmet and they back that up with comments like - you have no right to be a burden on health care because of your choice or it's about saving lives.

While on the surface those both seem to be valid arguments, there is one rider out there who brings up a few valid points on the pro choice side of things:

Begin Quote: Yes, some motorcycling fatalities would be avoided if all bikers wore helmets. But far many more lives would be saved if automobile drivers and passengers wore helmets. Most auto fatalities are head trauma-related. Why don't we force auto drivers and passengers to wear helmets? Because the general population would never vote that into law.

Yes, hospitals sometimes pass on the cost of caring for underinsured motorcycle accident patients. But we all pay hospital costs for many lifestyle choices made by others. We pay for overeaters, smokers, alcoholics, drug addicts — the list goes on and on. Bikers represent the smallest percentage of hospital costs that might be passed on to the public.

Another aspect of this debate is a common discussion among bikers. Would we want to survive an accident? A helmet might save our lives, but what quality of life would we have? Some bikers would rather be knocked unconscious immediately, and possibly not survive an accident, than to remain alert through the entire, painful, terrifying ordeal and spend the rest of their "lives" in a wheelchair, coma or worse.

Two months ago, I was riding with a group of bikers on State Road A1A. The car in front of us was weaving back and forth for miles, from the middle stripe to the right edge of the road. She eventually drove into the ditch and then back onto the road. She was on her cellphone.

If you really wish to save many lives and lots of money, outlaw tobacco, alcohol and distracted car drivers. But the politicians and the public will never vote to ban those life-threatening choices.  Michael Gluckman" End Quote

Now - I have been examining his statements for validity and here's what I have found, know& feel:

1) His statement regarding auto fatalities and head trauma appear to be true:

2) I feel that his personal opinion regarding why helmets are not required when driving and automobile are true.

3) He is correct when he talks about the health care system and how healthcare expense is often about lifestyle.

4) His comments about personal choice is a valid one as I personally have had that same discussion about quality of life with other riders.

5) His comments about banning, tobacco, alcohol and distracted drivers saving lives and the fact that those things would never happen is exceedingly valid.

The man presents a very level and balanced argument for his opinion that there are many other health hazards.

For those of you who feel that helmets should be mandatory, how do you counter is arguments?

For those of you who feel that helmets should be about choice, what would you add to his comments?

I would LOVE to know...join the discussion here in my blog, on FB or Twitter ...

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Congratulations the BC Lions on their Grey Cup win, I was cheering for the Bombers as I was born in Manitoba so sucks to be me and my team today.

I leave you with a few funnies from around the net, from friends on FB and those who have emailed me...cause hey, it's Monday and on no other day of the week do you need a giggle more!

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Belt Drive Betty
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  1. Hi Betty. I live in Australia where wearing a helmet is mandatory. It doesn't worry me one bit about having to wear one either. What price can you put on your own safety?

    I would now never think of riding anywhere without wearing a helmet and can't understand why people wouldn't wear one.