I have just spent the last hour and a half or so on FB, on my own web site, responding to comments, e-mails, wishing people Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and connecting with my Cyber Family and I wonder...

Almost everyone is posting the most positive, joyful and caring things from videos on random acts of kindness and the meaning of Toys for Tots to inspirations about God, the Universe, and Christmas.

I wonder what it would take for this spirit of love, tenderness and kindness to continue on, all year long...

I am feeling rather emotional today and these things that people are posting mean so much on days like this.  They lift you up...

Why am I emotional? Christmas, this time of year that is supposed to be about hope, joy, potential, love -is also a time of sadness, longing...there are so many people who have gone to meet their make that I miss at this time of year and while I know that they are out of pain and in a better place, in a place of abundance and love, I can't help feeling a wee bit blue, because I miss their love, the arguments, the laughter, the hugs, the kisses, the giggles and whispers, the encouragement and even the chastisements...yes they live on in my heart, but man, a hug would sure feel good too - yah know what I mean?

I know that many, many of you share this same experience, the bitter sweet mixture of joy and sadness.

There have been so many tragedies around the world, both man made and Mother Nature driven. Thousands of lives lost, millions of lives altered.

It is my fondest wish that the sharing and caring I am seeing amongst my friends on Facebook, Twitter, in emails and other places on the web and in neighbourhoods everywhere, would continue all year long and that everyone who feels strangely alone even in a crowd of people can feel connected to something beautiful and special - themselves.

I wish you all the gifts of connectivity, peacefulness and wholeness - and that you always know that when you are in that emotional place of love and light, and I am in that place - we are together.

I wish you love and with much gratitude, say THANK YOU, for caring and sharing and being who you are. Though we may be miles apart, lives apart, you are in my heart - always.

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I leave you on this glorious Thursday with a few giggles to help it stay a Glorious Thursday...(Thank you to all my friends whose funnies I am know who you are!)

Happy Thursday

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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