Today there were two articles in the news feeds that caught my attention.

One from the Phillipines -

In this article they discuss the fact that it is now illegal for kids 10 and under to be a passenger on a motorcycle without a helmet and spells out clear parameters as to when a child is old enough to ride as a passenger:

Begin Quote: Under House Bill (HB) No. 5626 or the Motorcycle Safety for Children Act of 2011, it seeks to ensure the safety of children aboard motorcycles by regulating the operation of motorcyclesalong highways and roads.

The protective helmet must comply under Republic Act (RA) No. 10054 otherwise known as “The Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009.”

RA 10054 provides that a child can be transported if his or her feet can comfortably reach thefootrests of the motorcycle and the arms of the child can reach around and grasp the waist of the motorcycle driver. End Quote

This law seems pretty straight forward, late in coming perhaps, but clear and simple to understand.

The one below - not so much...

In Nigeria, Okada Riders - (Motorcycle Riders) are being banned from riding from 6am to 6pm on January 1st.  The article goes off on this wild tangent about the police not having enough technology but what I was able to glean after reading and re reading was - that there had been an attack on a Church just before Christmas - by someone on motorcycles - (this is an assumption on my part), and this attack caused the ban.

Now, from my understanding, in Nigeria - a good number of people who ride motorcycles operate like taxi's and there are some gangs in that mix. Hence, everyone who rides a motorcycle there, tends to be treated like a criminal - and if I am also interpreting/reading this article right, the police feel they must act in this way as they have no technologies to assist them and they are over worked.

Glad I don't ride there!

So - reading about the different approaches to the laws and enforcement of different jurisdictions of the world over the past few days, I got to wondering....

How come it is not mandatory to wear proper foot wear and clothing on a bike?
I mean if safety and reducing health care costs are really as important as government officials would lead you to believe - then why is that aspect of safety gear always overlooked by law makers?

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to why that might be?

I would love to hear your thoughts and I would love links to articles on really strange laws regarding motorcycles - I love seeing how truly bent politicians can be...

And that, my friends is a perfect segue to present you this link....
on Strange and Dumb Laws from some US states - I thought that they might give you a few giggles but more importantly drive that age old lesson home: BE AFRAID OF LARGE NUMBERS OF STUPID PEOPLE!!!!  (Congress, Parliament Hill - no country it appears, is immune from them)

There are many other articles in the news feeds that may be of interest to you today - check them out at 

I leave you with a few funnies that have been shared by friends on Facebook and through email - laughter lights up the world...

Happy New Year everyone, please don't drink and drive....see you all in 2012!

Belt Drive Betty 
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