Around The Corner - an award winning motorcycle safety campaign that appears to really work!

I am not sure when exactly it was that Scotland and it's police services became so wise  - but I am here to tell you that I personally feel this is THE SMARTEST POLICING Campaign to promote safe riding that I have ever seen!

The Around the Corner Campaign combines tourism, riding skills advancement and policing in a way I have dreamed of for years but never knew the right people to implement it here and in my humble opinion I think every country in the world should be adopting this strategy.

I can truly see why this campaign has won not one but two prestigious awards.

Police officers, armed with special gifts (Not necessarily tickets either), patrolling the highways and rider haunts - sharing ROAD TIPS, BIKER FRIENDLY ESTABLISHMENT TIPS - SAFETY TIPS & other valuable information like road maps, construction reports etc all combined into a campaign that includes a tidy web site with one clear message - come, ride, enjoy and be safe while doing it.

This police supported project encourages tourism and riding in a way that can and should be embraced everywhere - instead of the police being heavy handed and suspecting everyone of being asses or bad guys, they treat you like a fellow rider and encourage you to explore - help you to enjoy your riding - THIS IS WHAT COMMUNITY POLICING IS ALL ABOUT!

I am SUPER IMPRESSED!!!! Congratulations Scotland - land of my Great Grandfather's deserve the accolades - you deserve the flattery that imitation bestows because truly - every country in the world should be imitating/mirroring you in your efforts..

Bet you never thought you'd hear me applauding the police - did you!!!!

Make sure you check this site out ( and then encourage your local police department to consider getting involved in something like this - it may be the answer to the sand box fight we always find ourselves in - riders VS just might be that attitude changing development that we need so badly!

There are lots of interesting articles in the news feeds today and I hope you will take some time to explore the latest news over at to see if anything there might affect your day/life.

I leave you with a few funnies shared with me by my friends on Facebook and through emails...
Laughter - IS the medicine our souls really need!

Have a fabulous Hump Day!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Add Scotland to my "Bucket List".

  2. When I am riding and pass by a motorcycle cop I usually give them a nod to acknowledge the fact they are fellow riders, even if they are the police. When I first took up riding I was looking at purchasing gear I talked to a motorcycle cop & asked him what type of gear he had and if he recommended one type over another. I got some very valuable information and it helped me in the end to find good gear and the importance of it. The cop also suggested a good motorcycle training school, as it turns out the same school teaches newb motorcycle cops how to ride in our city.

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  4. Who better to know about motorcycle safety than motorcycle officers? These officers likely spend more time riding in a month than most of us do in an entire year. It is unfortunate that the approach now used in Scotland seems so novel to us here in the states. Citizens would benefit from a friendlier relationship with their police departments.