I am getting ready to embark on a "new again" experience....a non working, non riding related vacation!

My only child is getting married in Mexico on Tuesday and I couldn't be happier for her or our family as we are gaining a pretty good son in law!

I am also excited as hubby and I never had a honeymoon when we got married ten years ago and so we are treating our time on Cozumel, save the day of my/our daughter's wedding - our honeymoon.

I am looking forward to the possibility of renting a scooter - hubby says he wants to try something other than a Harley...hmmm - that could be fun!  And we are planning on some snorkelling,  swimming, sandy beaches and little drinks with umbrellas in them!

No emails, no phone calls, no writing, no work for 10 whole days.  I am looking forward to seeing if I can handle that....I am pretty sure I a up for the task thanks to Ali who has ensured me she will take care of everything possible! If not for her, I probably would work 80% of the time I was gone so thanks for making this possible for me woman...

One of the only things she won't be doing is updating my blog will be on your ow to remember to check out the news feeds on our site to see what might be new and important and have an impact on your life as a rider.

I want you to be good now and remember to visit daily!

I am also grateful for Daryl - our layout artist from the Fairfield Times in Montana. Again, without Daryl to lay out the paper while I am gone, well this vacation just wouldn't happen!

I am looking forward to coming back feeling energized and motivated to tackle all of the upcoming work like laying out our 2013 RFBA Community Phone Book...getting everything ready for our Customer Service Award Contest, Our 2013 Beat the PMS Blues on line Show 'n' Shine, completing our Busted Knuckle News App and the RFBA App for your cell phones...

Yes, when I get back I will be nose to the grind stone but I have help with my admin duties for the first time in a long time - I have a gal coming to help me for at least 2 months!!!!
I know having her right here in the office helping me is going to make all the difference to me in meeting deadlines so....YEAH!!!!

I am counting my blessings today for the great team I have these days, for the riders who contribute to our communication endeavours, you riders who read what we do, our advertisers/sponsors who make what we do possible... for my family, my motorcycle and all of the phenomenal and fabulous things I get to experience in this life, the people I meet...I am one lucky and grateful woman.

In Other news:

Ted Laternus looks at the Loud Pipes issue

An Ontario rider is dead following a crash in Mississauga

According to the LA Times the 2013 Harley Line up is getting Pope Benedict's blessing as part of the 110 Anniversary Festivities - wonder how non Christian riders will feel about that...

Oh and apparently the tabloids are having a war as to whether Cher is really getting married again or not - guess time will tell - huh!

There is a lot in the feeds today so please visit where our work is keeping YOU informed!

Tomorrow will be my last blog post before I leave!

I leave you with some funnies, shared with me by friends on Facebook and via email...

Have a fabulous Thursday - hope you enjoy your latest edition of the Busted Knuckle Chronicles...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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