Hi all, I am back from my first real vacation in 11 years. And I feel renewed.

While I was on vacation, I decided to be blissfully and totally unplugged. No cell phone, no computer.
I did not watch the news - other than the weather channel. In fact, I only checked in on my business once.

I have, probably one of the best web mistresses/master in the business. Together, she and I manage to do what a lot of bigger businesses have 6 -10 people to do. Because we largely run our business as a non profit, our budgets for hiring are small.  It was a business choice I had made many years ago - at the very beginning. If I was going to earn a living from the community, I was going to put back INTO the community.

So, knowing that I had a dedicated and passionate human being named Ali looking after things, I decided to stay unplugged the entire time of my vacation.

I thought long and hard on what could happen to the business while I was off the grid for the 9 days I would be gone...were there any decisions that I felt Ali couldn't handle? NOPE. Did she have the resources, tools and knowledge to handle things? YUP...

The single biggest cost to the business that I could see was that development of our apps, training modules for RFBA Businesses and a few other important projects would stall.  Could I live with that? YES.

I needed to.  I couldn't afford not to. Ali took away all of my excuses! A gift that I will be forever grateful for.

You see, I have worked pretty much every day, 365 days a year for 11 years. I was loosing my passion for my work. I was feeling pressured, harassed and harangued and I had no one to blame but me.

I set myself up for burn out - I knew it going in.  I am a workaholic. Having something you love to do and throwing your whole self into it is not a bad thing at all, however, you really do need to step back once in a while to regain your focus, your passion, your vision.

I learned a lot from my sabbatical - I love having fun!  I had forgotten what it means to play, blow off steam, enjoy friends and family and not talk work, motorcycles.  It got me back in touch and in harmony with my first community - MY FAMILY.

By giving to them my undivided attention, by showing them the true love and respect I feel for them, my relationships began to flourish again - we were re connected.

My family deserves my love, my respect, my time. I deserve that too - I had forgotten that.

So today I made a promise to myself - no more working 7 days a week. I am going to learn to take one day off a week - no matter what the deadlines are - I am going to work smarter, not harder!

Ali has a lot to do with that happening too!

She has set up our Hoot Suite and we are now able to share things to our readers and web site users in ways that really make sense for everyone.

Our web site is almost completely broken down into provincial, national and international news now, (just a little bit more segregation to be completed).

Ali has started pages on Facebook for each province.
We are now able to push our news out to you based on where you live - so, if you don't want to see what the rest of the country and world are doing - if you are short on time and just want YOU relevant news - you can get it!

So for example we now have:
BC Edition Busted Knuckle Chronicles
AB Edition Busted Knuckle Chronicles

SK Edition, etc...etc...etc...

We will be generating our Busted Knuckle News App in much the same fashion - you will be able to choose all the news, only your province's news, or section by section - the headlines that interest you.

Post it once on our site - it goes to many places to be shared!

That is going to lighten mine and Ali's work loads hugely once all the development is completed!

Our Canadian Events Calendars Page on FB make it so you can share your events to a broader audience easier than ever before!  Our Calendar is already available as an app!

Yes - working smarter not harder, taking time to count our blessings everyday, never taking people for granted, all things I know - all things I need to put more focus on!

To see the photos of my holiday and daughter's wedding visit the albums - Mexican Holiday & Daughter's Wedding  It was a wonderful week - one I shall never forget!

I am glad to be home, back to work, but with a more balanced focus...

In Other news - 

In Ontario:
3 riders in Mississauga are charged for racing
Ride for Respect into Ottawa is coming up on September 9th...

A director for the Vernon region responds to criticism over Policing at Sturgis North and Summer Stomp

The Iron Butts from Digby to QC and back are done

The Saints & Sinners Poker Run was a huge success

In Lifestyles/Electric Motorcycles News - the Lightning is dubbed best electric bike

There is a ton of other news in the feeds today, to find out what might affect your day or life as a rider visit where our work is keeping YOU informed!

I leave you with a few funnies shared with me by friends on FB and via emails...

Have a fabulous back to school Tuesday everyone!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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