Police have charged Johnny Newcome of Cycle Logic with "with numerous offences related to the possession and trafficking of stolen property" according to the Vancouver Sun

The article claims that members of the Throttle Lockers, The Kingpin Crew and the Hells Angels are also accused of trafficking in stolen vehicles.

According to an article from the CBC:

"Insp. Rick Flewelling said the RCMP allege that the man, and perhaps others, targeted high-end vehicles that were pre-ordered by customers.

"Somebody's put an order in for it. They've gone out, They've stolen it, brought it in,'re-VINned' it and then sold it off," he said.

In other cases, the garage apparently processed vehicles that were reported stolen by the Hells Angels themselves, police said.

In one instance, police allege the president of the Kelowna Hells Angels chapter reported two vehicles as stolen, and the vehicles were later processed at the garage.

Police also recovered three stolen vehicles that were allegedly in the possession of the Calgary-based Southland Hells Angels chapter.

In total, police recovered about $750,000 worth of stolen vehicles and machinery as part of the investigation."

It's a sad thing to hear, because this used to be a shop with a great reputation - if proved to be true, then it's over, if not true - the shop will probably never recover it's once good name...I guess time will tell us some semblance of the truth...

Now to a non motorcycle related issue - that of the elections in Quebec...
What are your thoughts on PQ Leader Pauline Marois and her minority mandate.
How do you think this is going to affect Canadian Politics? What is this going to do to the unity in our country?

In my mind, the worst thing to happen in this country was the Parti Quebecois.  The theme of separatism is one I find hard to deal with.

I grew up in a household where my father, who had once attempted to learn French, was firmly against anyone speaking a language he could not understand.
He had had a cruel joke played on him, and his efforts to please his wife had him thrown out of the hospital room she was in - for whatever it was he was taught to say by a supposed friend.

His mistrust was earned by experience - he could have chosen to go to school and learn the language properly but chose instead to hold on to his fear and distrust.  It was hard for my family, as my mother was an Acadian and many of her family had moved to Quebec.  They all spoke French as their first language.

It concerns me deeply, as a member of a French and English blended family and as a proud Canadian that many in Quebec want to separate from Canada.

This country is so beautiful, it is so magnificent and the very thought of it being pulled apart is like tearing my family apart.


I feel very strongly that it is wrong on so many levels that they have their French language law that discriminates against the English & Others from different ethnic backgrounds of their province.

I think it is wrong to divide our country in this fashion - the French VS the English, French VS Jewish etc. - can't we ever get to a point in this country where we are all Canadians first?

If you are a citizen of this country, couldn't we all speak the Universal Language of English for our jobs and speak whatever language, be it French, Italian, German, Ukrainian etc at home and with our friends?  Couldn't our Governments simply offer translation services for those just learning or who have had a tough time mastering English instead of having two official languages?   And laws that force the point?

Did the Japanese, the Ukrainians, the Polish, the Irish, the Scots and all of the immigrants before and since not offer something to the growth of this country?  Why are they discriminated against by virtue of this language "barrier"?

We ALL came from somewhere else be it through hundreds of years of ancestry or today's immigration system.  Even the "Natives" the First Nations people came from somewhere else to settle here in the country we call Canada.

So why, why can't we all use one common language to work from and to celebrate our chosen heritage and celebrate our familial heritage in our various local communities and in our families as we see fit to do or not to do?

Why do we have to order people to speak French and English to work for the Federal Government? Why can't it be English and Dutch? OR English and ANY other language?

Quebec is a beautiful province and there are some damned fine people who live and work there...I find this situation to be painful to my heart and the pride and love I feel for this country.

I am a confused human being who only wants her country to be a place where everyone who chooses to live in Canada feels they belong here more than anywhere else in the world and let that be the reason they choose to live here - because the values and morals, the acceptance and tolerance of differences are something to be celebrated,  let these reasons to be Canadian, resonate in their hearts.

If you were born in this country like I was, how do you feel about this situation?
Your family, no doubt has an ethnic background - was it something you held on to with pride?
Were the customs and traditions of your family heritage ignored or celebrated?
Did you feel ostracized, different?

I am a Heinz 57.

I have French, French Canadian, Scots, Polish, English and Irish blood running in my veins.  I have no definable heritage other than being Canadian - I know a little bit about the traditions of these ethnicities but they were never deeply ingrained into me. We made our own traditions and rituals if you will, with little bits of the past and the heritage of all of our blended bloods and mixed them into new ones...ones that celebrated where our ancestors came from but honoured the fact that they and we had CHOSEN to be Canadians.

As a human being, I have the right to choose to live anywhere in this world - provided I meet the requirements of the country I want to immigrate to. No one forces me to live here. I choose to live here.

I guess I am thick - because seriously - I just don't get it - why do we have to have such divisions?

Personally, I don't care who you are, what colour you are - what ethnicity - what I care about is how you treat me and how I treat you.

We all want to feel loved, accepted - we all want to enjoy the fruits of our labours and our love.
We all need food, shelter and clothing...we all have challenges and issues and we all have strengths and weaknesses...we are humans, sharing a magnificent my mind, the operative word here is SHARING...

I'd love your thoughts on this tender topic...

There is a ton of information in the news feeds this morning that may affect your day or life as a rider...check it out at where our work is keeping YOU informed.

I leave you with a few funnies, shared with me by friends on Facebook and through Emails...

Have a fantastic hump day everyone...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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