A story out of BC comes at a very appropriate time for me.  It involves 2 riders riding up the shoulder while traffic is backed up and how one truck driver took offence...apparently a fist fight ensued...

Now the reason the timing of this story is so important is that on Friday I will be at the CTV 2 Studios for a discussion on Alberta Primetime regarding lane splitting.

I have such mixed emotions on this topic and this article from the Saanich News makes me even more torn on the topic.

Lane splitting or riding on the should have so many benefits until you factor in the human race...
I would love your thoughts on this topic - they may help me be a good representative of the feelings of all riders both for and opposed!

It should prove to be an interesting topic. I'll let you know when the program airs.

I will be leaving at 7 am in order to be at the studio in Edmonton on time, then I will be attending the CMDRA All Bike Gras season finale at Castrol Speedway.

I will be in the Black Jack's Lounge VIP Skybox when I am not on the line doing photography and video!  Liane from M.O.D.E.L. will be joining me...come say hi....

I will sign off by reminding you to check our website, for all the news and information that might impact your day or life as a rider  and by sharing a few funnies to get your day off to the right start! Thanks to all my crazy, loveable friends who have shared these with me wither through FB or by email!

Have a fabulous Thursday and please, ride safe no matter where your travels take you this weekend.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Hi
    breakdown lane or gutter driving IS illegal (not that that has stopped any of us) whether in Canada or US AND it is illegal for bikes as well as cars. If I am in a car i have no problem with a bike passing me in the gutter..kudos! I would rater that than some idiot crotch rocket jock passing between lanes!! (gives us ALL a bad name and breeds contempt in non riders not to mention the incredible risk to rider and driver. BUUUUT if someone in a car tries to pass me in the gutter while I am patiently waiting my turn in line it really pisses me off!!! One because I have been legally waiting and this a-hole is illegally cutting in front the other because it is a BREAKDOWN lane ie if you have a problem that is where you pull off the highway, if there is a problem THAT is where police and rescue travel to help and to clear the road. Drivers in that lane have to then either force there way BACK into traffic or get stuck there which delays rescue traffic (possibly fatally) and delays clear-up of the initial jam. when I see one of these assholes (not a rider) coming up behind me I will split two lanes to prevent passing. BUT I have ALSO been guilty of scooting up the BDL to an exit.. (hanging head) and in my stupid youth scooting between tractor trailers (how dumb can you get!), if BDL were permitted for bikes I can understand drives frustration,( but hey bikers are saving the environment) but I believe it should be at a very low speed limit AND on that note I believe bikers should be allowed to use the car-pool lane at any time as we are once again saving fuel, air, and our environment!!! WWR