This past year has been one of the most difficult I have faced in my life and I am so grateful you have had the patience to stick with me through this. My business's new year started on October 1st and man I am glad to be starting with a fresh perspective on things!

After speaking with some really good business people that I know and trust, I have come to a decision regarding the lawsuit against me.

This lawsuit, which has become very personal, has hurt my business and my life in more ways than one.

My integrity as a reporter who does her job properly has been attacked.  In all the years I have been reporting I have only ever had to make three or four corrections and or apologies for getting something wrong or printing something in error.  Yes, I have made some mistakes, I am human, but I have learned so much from those mistakes.

If I've done something out of line - tough as it is to do, I have always taken it on the chin, let me know about it, let's discuss it and if I am wrong, I'll fix it. And because I hate having to apologize,
I work really, really hard at doing a good job, being as impartial and factual as I can.

My husband went through untold stress, enough that he ended up facing some challenges for a bit with his MS. THAT'S REALLY PERSONAL.

In an effort to be prepared for court there were countless of hours of putting emails and documents into spreadsheets and ensuring chronological accuracy along with cross referencing.  There are close to 1000 documents and they all had to be read, highlighted, categorized.
The hours and money spent doing that...

There was the whole being reduced to fundraising thing that humbled the crap out of me.

Then there is how this thing has affected my business, with people not paying their bills with me, some breaking contracts and some not wanting to do business with me until this turkey is off my back...there will be a few that I will never do business with again because they displayed a total lack of integrity and you know what, I am fine with firing a customer or walking away from a potential partnership.

Try to stay focused on business - that's rough when 50% of the calls and emails you take are consumed with this ridiculous lawsuit in one way or another.

The toll it has taken has been enormous.

My New Business Year Resolution? I AM NOT PLAYING THIS GAME ANYMORE!

Since the Sturgis Canada event in August, no one has been able to contact Ray or their lawyer/s.
NO ONE is responding.

I could go to the expense of forcing the case to move ahead to clear my name and get this turkey off my back, loosing my business, my sanity and everything else OR....
I can just let it be and let them make the next move, make them spend the money first.
It could end up hanging there for years, and if it does hang around, I'll deal with it when my business is better financially prepared to.

Why spend money I don't have on a lawyer, until I absolutely have to. Why sell my bike if I don't really need to just yet.

If it affects some people to the point they don't want to do business with me, then so be it.
I have a letter from my attorney that explains how there is no substance to their case and I have a ton of supporting documents to back it all up with.
I have been told I can share those documents to prospective advertisers and partners.
If after they read them they are still concerned, then there is nothing more I can do but walk away.

I am not going to worry about it any more.

Ray I am sure has bigger fish to fry than me right now.
He is facing a BC Securities Inquiry for a second time at the end of the month. There is a four day hearing scheduled.  If anything significant comes out of that I will share what I am able. His trial in Arizona moves forward in May of 2015.  Other than that, I don't want to think about this person or his event much less speak of it again.

Things are going to be tough for the next 6-8 weeks as I get ready to pay my final, for now, lawyer's bill, but there are blue skies ahead and I am heading for them, no I am AIMING for them.

I am not letting these people or that event steal one more minute of joy, happiness or gratitude out of my life.

And believe me - I am grateful for so much.

I am part of a community that has supported me, albeit I am sure you are tired of this whole ridiculous affair called a lawsuit. I know I am. I have a husband who has stood beside me, fabulous friends who let me vent and lend me strength, I AM SOOOOO Blessed.

With out your support I don't know where I would be, but I know this...
I promised to pay it forward and that is exactly what I intend to do!

We are going to get back to what we do best with a vengeance!

We are going to help promote the Canadian Riding Scene in a way that has NEVER been attempted before. Along with some fabulous sponsors and some incredible media partners we are going to be giving away over $65,000 in advertising support to 12 Canadian Communities.

The winning community will get a marketing campaign made up for them from our pool of media partners worth $35,000! They will get a sign for the entrance to their town and they will also get a trophy and the bragging rights as "Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community!"

With YOUR help, we are going to find that community and when we do, we are going to help that community promote itself to the riding community through every avenue possible.

Watch your emails, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and more because this is going to be the most interesting contest we have EVER HOSTED!

I wanted you to have as much time as we can give you to start thinking about what community you love to ride to, or about your own community and is it rider friendly?

So I thought this was a fitting time to share with you - this has been a daunting contest to put together and while not all details are finalized, the time for YOU to start planning in NOW!

What community hosts the best event? Has the best customer service, unique roads to ride...
Why do you love the community you live in?
How can you tell a story that will make others want to experience your community?

Think long and hard...

Here is an overview of the contest and how it works...

Prize Chart
1) Submit your nomination for a community; you will submit the written information on why and how the community is rider friendly. You can back up your submission with photos and video if you choose (we highly recommend you do)

2) If yours is the first nomination for your community, it will be referred to as the primary nomination.

3) If the community you are nominating has already been nominated by someone your nomination will be considered a supporting nomination and will be placed under the primary nomination.

4) The more supporting nominations a community receives the better chance the community has of moving on from the judging panel to the first Public/Social Voting Period.

5) All primary nominations and supporting nominations for each community will make up their entry and if they move on, their voting page.

The In House judging panel will choose the top 12, 6 from each bracket, east and west.

The nominations will be scored using a 100-point system.
•Originality (25%)
•Community history, events and tourism offerings (25%)
•Pride in community (spirit), the number of supporting submissions (25%)
•Number of Rider Friendly Business Association® Members that are in the community’s proximity (25%)

Once the judging period is over, the top 6 communities from each bracket, east and west will move to the public/social voting phases.

Now that's the basics and they should not change.

Start thinking of how you are going to use video, photos, historical ties to the motorcycle community, events, road side attractions, tourism offerings, great roads, and great customer service to tie it all into a fantastic nomination.

The competition is limited to communities with populations of 125,000 and SMALLER.
The competition is about how well you can sell your town as being rider friendly, about how many riders you can persuade to vote for your town if your town makes it past the judging panel!

A united approach to this contest will work the best - so get with your Chamber of Commerce, your Economic development office, your tourism department and work as a team to promote your community to the rest of Canada and the world...

Beginning Monday we will start reaching out to all of the Chambers of Commerce, Community Service Organizations, Riding Clubs, Tourism Departments, Dealers etc...

Who will be "Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community?"

Let's see some Canadian Pride, some community pride and some good old fashioned rivalries!

It all begins Canada Day July 1st when we open the web site up to receive the first nominations!

Have a fantastic day and don't forget to read the Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada's Rider Powered Newspaper! It's in your inbox this morning and available at

If you are blessed to be riding today, please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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