I am trying to use the power of the internet to find my 2003 Harley Davidson Heritage Special that was STOLEN from my work parking lot today sometime after 2pm and before 3:30 from the Victoria Coast Guard Base. Please pass this along to everyone in your contact list if you would be so kind. I have had this motorcycle less than three weeks! Victoria isn't a very big place and if we get the word out quick enough it's just possible that I might recover the bike. I've included pictures, the license plate is K5 7273 and has a green DND sticker on the inside of the plate. 

The bike also has studded leather saddle bags and lots of chrome. If anyone spots the bike, please call the police, thanks for your help and please, again, forward this email, as soon as you can, I'm not trying to start some crazy chain letter, but rather recover what has been stolen from me.

Thanks again,

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