Please be safe out there, we want you back to share, laugh and even argue with!
Finally - it's ready (I say finally because I am impatient - Suzie has done amazing so far and the best is yet to come)

Our Dealer Retailer Locater service called "Belt Drive Betty's Little Black Book" is available for the subscribers to the Busted Knuckle!

In print or On line, if you subscribe you are automatically a member of the Biker's Discount Buying Club & you get free classified ads and other goodies!
$5.30 a year gets you an on line subscription/membership and %47.65 gets you the paper in print delivered to your door plus a membership in the BDB Club.

So come and join us.....there's lots of benefits!

Have a great New Year's Eve and we'll catch yah all next year!

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