I was so happy when we got this e-mail today! The picture of him never attached but we did get a picture of his bike.

Thanks very much for the three packages that I have received. I have been quite popular these past few days let me tell you.

I shipped a bunch of the stuff to the guys serving outside the wire where it is most needed. Of course, I kept a few favourites for myself!

The kleenex has come in handy as I have been sick for the past five days. Let me tell you I am sick of being sick! Yes, I can be a big baby when it comes to that.
Photo of the bike attached.

Thanks again for your support and generosity. The one photo is me on a logging road - not my best decision let me tell you...3 hours for 20 km...crazy!

I am looking fwd to heading home come February that is for sure. It's all good though.

Chris Van Hamme



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